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A generation born after the year 2000

2018 is a year where every kid born after the year 2000 will turn 18, graduate from school, choose a career path and soon enter the workforce. How does a generation born around the internet look like?

These are the kids born in the year 2000, the new millennium, where all their studying experience has been around the “internet”, Google Search, Power Points, Keynotes, writing an essay on Word with spelling correction or grammar correction, where their smartphones have an included scientific calculator or a bunch of sensors where they can experiment, these students are from an era where smartphones in their pockets have more computing power than the computer that took the first man to the moon, where with a click of a button they can search anything, anywhere they want, 2000 was a year where Google started selling ads and started growing massively. We are speaking about a generation that grew up in the internet age, where today some if not most of the public schools have tablets or computers in their libraries for assignments and encyclopedias to decorate the walls.

I am hopeful that this new generation will shape the world positively without taking for granted all the benefits it had, it currently has and it will have. I am optimistic about the fact that they will learn from history in order to build a better world, not without difficulty, as the learning curve might look more like a steep hill, but with passion and purpose.

Many fear that kids from this new generation are lazy, impatient and want quick success without hard-word. It will be our responsibility to guide them well to pursue their dreams which entail hard work and courage to fail and stand up like a scientist that tries again and again. I am optimistic that this new generation is looking for a life with purpose and a career path or job with meaning. A generation born after the year 2000 will work smarter and better, and while they achieve their goals they will make a difference in this world.

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