Dining with Doctors & Learning The Basics of Breast Cancer Care

Susan G. Komen Central and South Jersey’s Dinner with the Doctors Event Educated the Community About Breast Cancer Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment

(L-R): Suzanne Corson, Komen CSNJ Executive Director; Dr. Christopher L. Ananian; Dr. Hammad Abdelquader; Dr. Dharti Panara; LaToya Norman, Komen CSNJ Director of Mission; Dr. John Pellegrino

Susan G. Komen Central and South Jersey and The Allergan Foundation hosted Dinner with the Doctors: Breast Cancer Prevention, Screening and Treatment at Restaurant 618 in Freehold on December 10, 2018. This event aimed to educate local women and men on different breast cancer care topics, including risk and prevention, screening for breast cancer and treatment options.

Guests from the community mingled, enjoyed a delicious buffet dinner at Restaurant 618 while listening to presentations from doctors representing CentraState Healthcare System, Visiting Nurses Association of Central New Jersey, and VNACJ Community Health Center.

Guest speakers included:

  • Dr. Dharti Panara, Co-Chief Resident, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Family Medicine Residency, CentraState Healthcare System
  • Dr. Hammad Abdelquader, Co-Chief Resident, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Family Medicine Residency, CentraState Healthcare System
  • Dr. Christopher L. Ananian, Diagnostic Radiologist, CentraState Healthcare System
  • Dr. John Pellegrino, Breast Surgeon, CentraState Healthcare System

Dr. Panara and Dr. Abdelquader spoke on both the modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors for developing breast cancer. They also provided guidance on living a healthy lifestyle to support overall wellness.

Dr. Ananian shared real images and results of diagnostic tests, including 3D mammograms, 2D mammograms, MRIs and more. He showed guests how breast cancer can be detected — and even missed — through the different imaging techniques.

Closing the event was Dr. Pellegrino, who went through the benefits and risks of available breast cancer treatment options for women and men that have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Thank you to our featured speakers, partners and sponsor for their dedication and support of our mission to end breast cancer. For more information on breast cancer education and how we make an impact in the community, please visit www.komencsnj.org.

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