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Wondering what lies ahead of us? Get the inside scoop from the strategy director from BORN SOCIAL

Hi Callum McCahon. 2018 is here, what are the three key trends that brands can tap into today?

The first one is Stories. Stories are the new news feed. It’s obvious when you use them that the experience is built for mobile — it just makes sense. When people open Instagram, more and more of them are opening Stories before scrolling down the feed, clearly showing where their priorities lie.

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Are you tired of publishing hacks and the lack of content governance on your brand’s Instagram account? The waiting is over: say hello to instant Instagram Publishing! We are one of the first social media software solutions in the world to enable you to publish your content on Instagram easily and instantly, without the need for multiple-page how-to guides.

Up to now, brands have struggled with Instagram publishing via third-party tools, hacks, and weird notification reminders that limit their governance and their ability to directly reach their community at the right time with the right message. All this is finally changing: Instagram has grown up and is now allowing publishers to share meaningful content and act fast. We are excited to announce that we’re releasing Instagram Publishing in Komfo, as one of the first Instagram Partners in the world that take advantage of this opportunity.

“Marketers are already working professionally with Instagram content, but to plan and publish in larger organizations, you need a tailored workflow that includes publishing. This is strategically important for us and our customers, so we’re very proud to launch the first version of this product in less than 24 hours.” …

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As a SoMe professional, you are most likely handling personal data on behalf of your company. This is why EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will impact your daily work. We sat down with Niels-Dahl-Nielsen, Lawyer at Synch Law & Komfo Summit speaker, to tackle your hardest GDPR questions with cold facts and actionable tips.

What is the GDPR law and when will it come into force?

While leaving a certain scope for EU member states to implement national rules on specific areas, the GDPR replaces local data protection laws in the EU member states with a single, uniform set of rules governing the processing of personal data. The GDPR provides for a one-stop-shop mechanism, which facilitates consistent enforcement of privacy law across Europe and enhances clarity and predictability of all operations involving processing of personal data. The GDPR will be enforced as of 25th of May 2018.

“Adopt a new mindset whereby awareness of data protection is in focus in the entire organisation.”

What do I need to prepare as a company?

Companies should create an overview of their data processing activities in order to make sure to meet the requirements of the GDPR. Among these, companies must make sure to have a legal basis for their processing of personal data. Where the legal basis for the processing is the consent of the data subjects, companies must make sure that consents are collected in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR. Among other things, this means that silence as consent or pre-ticked boxes are not good enough. Furthermore, companies must make sure to have data processing agreements in place with all parties processing personal data on their behalf. Finally, data processing activities must be organised in a way that is easy and secure for the data subjects to exercise their rights and in a manner that all activities are subject to appropriate technical and organisational security measures. This means that companies must think personal data protection into the company’s whole way of doing business. …

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One of the questions that often pops up to social media managers is whether to trust third-party tools. Will my updates get scheduled and posted on time? Will they be somehow punished by social networks if published via a 3rd-party tool? Why should we risk it?

In Komfo, it’s our mission to help the social media community thrive. When Buffer invited us to participate in a survey aimed at challenging companies to trust 3rd-party software solutions, we were glad to join.

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Earlier this month, Facebook officially released a news bulletin revealing changes in their News Feed that are intended to get more quality engagement among their users. On Jan. 29, they also announced that they will promote more local news into users’ feeds.

What does this mean for Facebook?

This is yet another step in their mission to bring users closer together by making sure that they find it meaningful to spend time on their platform. At the same time. they are channeling their efforts into becoming a source for the well-being of its users users and society overall.

“People who know what’s happening around them are more likely to get involved and help make a difference.”

Mark Zuckerberg’s Update post from Jan. 29

What does this mean for you, as a brand?

As a brand publishing on Facebook, your pages may be affected. You may experience a decrease in reach due to the algorithm changes. …

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True intentions for the post-milk generation

We sat down with Oatly, the Swedish company that turns fiber-rich oats into nutritional liquid food, to find out what makes them tick and what drives their social media success. Here’s what we found out.

What advantages does social media and Instagram provide over other digital touchpoints?

Our social channels are where we drive debate and conversations that bring a deeper understanding of our brand and what we are working towards.
Where we in other media can get peoples’ attention — we also get their direct response in social media. And this engagement is kind of the starting point to get people to re-think and start taking small steps to more sustainable choices.

Other media can get peoples’ attention — we get their direct response in social media.

— Sara Hansson, Social Media Manager, Oatly

Social media also allows us to share a wide spectrum of content and to act fast. For example, we shared posts on Instagram directly from the court when we got sued by the Swedish milk lobby. We are transparent in everything we do, and, by connecting with our consumers on social media, we get closer to them and are able to involve them on a whole other level. Because we are honest and totally transparent people tend to trust us. This allows us to build a long-term bond with our customers that are more critical to our future success than you could ever imagine. …

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Our top 3 Highlights

As we wind down the year and look back on 2017, we come to realize that it was pretty awesome. Here are the main things that what made us tick:

1. Turning design into a celebration

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80% of CMOs can stop dreaming and start doing it

80% of CMOs want to invest in a chatbot by 2020 to reduce costs and provide a better customer experience. But why wait? As a complete social media relationship software solution, we are the first to offer a fully integrated chatbot solution to automate social media marketing and customer service.

We are making chatbots a key part of all social operations by adding the power of conversational AI to Komfo. That’s why we have partnered up with BotSupply, an AI company backed by a global community of scientists, researchers, and developers, to make it all happen! By tapping into existing customer data, we expect to help brands automate up to 35% of all customer service interactions within the first weeks of adoption.

“We are thrilled to partner up with Komfo to provide customer service automation to their customers on a global scale. Brands will now be able to focus more on their core activities and create more value for their customers.” …



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