Role of Commercial Real Estate professionals for Sale and Lease

As a CRE professional, be it a broker, an investor or a developer we all face a common challenge while conducting business, the challenge is where do we go to get information about a property that either we ourselves or our clients are interested in buying or developing that doesn’t cost an unreasonable amount of time and money, is easily obtained and, is accurate? The same questions come to mind when time comes to market this property that we just bought or developed, can we manage this task all in one place, using just one CRE portal? The answer has traditionally been no.

It seems as if up until now the old saying “time is money has not applied to the CRE industry”. To accomplish what we just talked about the process would consist of visiting a number of sites, some private that cost an arm and a leg and some federal that are an impossibility to get in and out of in a timely manner, we also have had to accept that some of the data provided on the privately-operated portals are compiled in none disclosure states such as Texas resulting in the delivery of inaccurate information, yet the data is neatly packaged and sold to us at a great price.

Imagine how much more productive we could be if all the information that we need on a day to day basis could be obtained through just one portal, saving us time and enabling every Commercial Real Estate professional to double or triple his or her Commercial Real Estate for Lease. The goal and focus should be to re-introduce the word “efficiency” to the Commercial Real Estate community, with this simple yet extremely important idea in the cross hairs, is changing the industry.

For the past three years, the CRE experts, programmers, designers and other IT professionals at Komreal have been busy creating and perfecting a CRE listing, marketing, site assessment & mapping platform that in many aspects surpasses what is on the market right now. They have just started to unveil this software and have already been met with considerable success where users nationwide are taking advantage of their 100% free commercial property listing, marketing platform and property email blasts. also allows everyone to browse and view all of its listings without having to pay a fee, is a true 100% free CRE listing and marketing platform.

In addition to its listing platform, Komreal has mapping and site assessment tools a CRE professional would need to fully research a potential site for a client. The Komreal research tools work effortlessly with an “emphasis” on 4 major points that they feel are issues with all currently available systems. Their platform focuses on the below client needs:

1. Ease of use

2. Accuracy of data delivered

3. The speed at which data is delivered.

4. Affordability

Their goal is to make the seasoned CRE professional a more efficient one and, the inexperienced ones proficient. Komreal differs from the traditional sources used in the past in that it combines and offers all data and feasibility study tools in one user-friendly, accurate and lightning fast interface. is the answer to the ongoing frustrations of having to stand at idle while waiting on research personnel or having to spend countless hours researching different sites and current sources of information at unreasonably high prices before advising a client. This platform is a collective source of up to date GIS data fields, capable of delivering results on any property in the US with a worldwide potential. Komreal users no longer need to surf the internet collecting information from different places, all their users need to do is done through a simple click of a button for each data field and the system will do the rest. Comprehensive reports can be created and coupled with informative maps and emailed to clients or team members within minutes rather than hours or even days, making it possible to research several sites in a fraction of the time previously required, furthermore; this can be achieved using a mobile device and on location eliminating the need to ask an assistant back at the office to pull reports on a potential site.

KOMREAL is also a complete marketing platform with cutting edge technology helping owners, brokers and agents advertise commercial real estate for sale or lease. Another feature on KOMREAL.COM offers other professionals in the CRE community a chance for exposure and to advertise their services locally and nationally, this very unique service also saves time for Komreal members who may need to locate the services of another real estate professional.

Komreal has also developed both IOS and Android mobile apps which offer even more time saving and cutting edge features.

KOMREAL also understands the importance of offering all these services in one package without hassling their members for more money for different levels of service. It is Komreal’s mission statement to offer all of their services to every one of their users at one low, affordable monthly rate and to stay committed to continually update the information with the latest data available and to stay ahead of the pack by introducing new and innovative services using the latest available technology, and perhaps to introduce new fields along the way.