Russian roskomnadzor has blocked VPN service in Russia

VPN service has been blocked under Byzylyks district court order in Orenburg province. The court decided that resource provided the internet users with opportunity to receive an access to web-sites, containing extremist materials. Therefore according to the court order the VPN service disseminated information forbidden in Russia.

The local prosecutor’s office filed complaint to block this service in Russia. The court decided to block service despite the fact that service has fulfilled requirement of Roskomnadzor and deleted the form of so called anonymizer, special software enabling to access a blocked web-sites. The service has changed its name and provides its services under new domain.

Sometimes VPN services make useless all efforts of Russian authorities because web-sites are accessible despite the blocking. Russian authorities don’t like such services. But chief of Roskomnadzor has said once that fighting with such services is useless because only 5–7% of citizens use them and the real task of authority is to block actually negative information.


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