Regularly updated overview of trials of Hong Kong pro-democracy leaders and activists

This page gathers information about various trials I’ve been tracking elsewhere, providing a simple, regularly updated overview. For more in-depth information, see here for a wide-ranging report from May 2018 that provides detail and context to much of what’s presented here (but is not updated), here for a focus on legal cases against pro-democracy Legislative Council members, here for a focus on the major trials of leaders and activists from January to May, and here for a focus on legal cases against pro-democracy leaders.

last updated on 11 December 2018

Upcoming legal cases against pro-democracy leaders and activists

Legal cases against pro-democracy leaders

Since the Umbrella Movement ended in December 2014, the Hong Kong government has brought 48 legal cases against 32 pro-democracy leaders. As of 11 December, 20 cases have concluded, resulting in 19 convictions, six disqualifications from Legco, seven acquittals, and one prosecution thrown out by the judge. (Note: The discrepancy has to do with the difference between number of cases and number of counts per case.) One trial is on-going, two are awaiting a verdict. and four have not yet begun. Seven appeals are on-going, six by defendants, one by the government. There have been 14 prison sentences. Five have been served. Three defendants are on bail pending appeal. One conviction and six prison sentences were entirely overturned upon appeal while two were overturned but replaced by a lesser sentence equivalent to time already served.

Of the 46 pro-democracy leaders facing legal proceedings against them, 15 are/were Legislative Council members at the time of their arrest (or, in the case of the six who were disqualified — non-criminal cases — , at the time when legal proceedings were brought against them. Those 15 have faced 22 different cases.

Pro-democracy leaders sentenced to prison