What Happened to Me after 4 Day’s Struggling

Firstly, I have to say that I don’t go for any fame or reputation writing on Medium. I still remember that when I see this website at the very first time, I was amazed by her. I will update as possible as I CAN.

Then the real fantastic “story” comes. :)

I guess everybody feel fulfilling after trying something he had never experienced. Of course this is a very process if you gain some basic skills. You need some persistence, enough energy and appropriate time. Well, it will be still a little bit hard for guys who has been ruled by his poor laziness for times.

Okay, I will be very pleased to tell you how I can start my own journey of improvements in two days. To be frank, I really reckon that we everyone are able to master many things not so professional unless we are occupied at any seconds. I learn about some very useful conceptions of the latest psychology and neutral science. I have to admit that if any of you have seen those great research, you’d be surprised and inspired to be a better human being or at least realize some “impossible” things.

They are about how to live a full day, how to attain enthusiasm, what to deal with when problems happen… etc. I definitely believe in them, you know, I read little before so I am inclined to believe something without testfying them.

While now, I can say that I have sort of genuine critical thinking mindset. If not, that doesn’t matter, because I’ll attempt to expericence more thoeries in the rest of my life and judge whether they are appropriate or not in a specific situation.

You ought to have the feeling, a feeling that when you wake up in the morning you don’t wanna replay yesterday, a feeling that you know you have already done lots of what you can, a feeling that you will cherish for a long period of time.

Once you fail to strive against your laziness and ultimate desire, they will bounce back sooner or later.

You guys know that there is a hard routine for everyone who fights for more freedom, equlity, better environment, and consummate personality. It is the same situation with me. I had been trapped by many difficulties which seemed to be unsolvable before, while I still got through them. Even now I’ll have a sense of being a degenerate occasionally. I hope that I can be stronger and braver facing up to barriers in the future. So do you, right? :)