The FOMO Moment

Back in 2000, when I was at University, I had a friend that developed and managed an adult website. This was pretty much the beginning of the internet and the way it worked was that he would buy adult magazines, take a photo of the pictures, post it online and charge a monthly fee to his subscribers. This is how he paid his University tuition. Later, I learned that this kind of “business model” was used to start, or bootstrap as we would call it today, other internet businesses. Zappos cofounders for example did something very similar. They would take…

One of my core values is “Do more with less”. I try my best to apply this to my business life and personal life. As a consequence, I tend to experiment and search for the best and most optimal tools and apps.

The following list is a non-exhaustive list of some cool tools I’m currently using.

  • OneDrive for my cloud storage. In my opinion, it’s much better than google drive for the 2 following reasons.(1) No need to create (another) doc or sheet documents, for wich in turn I you have to download a specific app on your smartphone. Whenever…

When you are developing a project you should be, at one point or the other, interviewing potential users or clients. Whether you decide to do these interviews over the phone or in person, they can be very difficult and stressful to conduct. As an entrepreneur, I have had my share of cold calls and people hanging up on me :) and from that experience, I had the opportunity to test out a certain number of combinations. Here is my little guide of what has been working best for me when it comes to conducting these cold calls and interviews.

Konrad Holubek

Entrepreneur | AI Explorer | Speaks 5 languages | HECParis alumni

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