How To Get Your Sh*t Together When You Suck At Time-Management

Waking up in the morning can feel like a daily trauma. It sucks. Period.

The alarm goes off, you stumble around like a zombie until you reach the kitchen, brew some coffee, get ready, and then travel off to begin the work day. UUUGGHHHHHHHHH…

I feel ya. Day in, day out, it’s the same damn process (even on my weekends).

And if you’re anything like how I was…you’re thinking…”Here we go again, another crazy day. What do I have to get done…so much sh*t to do”…and on and on the list goes. Even your personal hobbies feel like chores!

If you look forward to waking up, WELL GOOD FOR YOU. If you’re naturally not a happy-go-lucky morning people, then we’re on the same page here.

It came to a point that I was sick and tired of feeling groggy, unmotivated — just being a normal working person. I’d be moody some days. Even coffee failed me.

I wasn’t happy. Not to mention, I made other people miserable. In the long run, you lose friends because you can’t manage your time which makes you a mess. You can ruin business relationships because you’re unorganized, even personal relationships suffer because you’re pissed that everything else went wrong.

It’s a F*CKING downhill ride. (Pardon my rawness but, that’s how I am)

The days just fly by and you know what? You ain’t getting them back — no second, hour, moment, NOTHING comes back. Don’t get me wrong, not every day has to be all rainbows and butterflies or life changing. But there is nothing that I wouldn’t give to feel alive and look forward to waking up.

So I did my homework, even sought some help to find out how to ditch this horrible trauma of the morning wake-up flu. Getting to the point, I discovered that almost every successful person has a morning routine they stick to. The hard part was finding one that works for me (and that you actually WANT to do).

There’s no magic pill here. However, there are tons of science-backed posts that show that by sticking to a morning routine you’ll have more energy to get shit done. So I was like ‘what the hell — let me try something out.’

After about 5 days I found myself smiling at strangers, getting tasks done faster and my stress levels MUCH LOWER.

What’s key here is that it’s about consistency and sticking to a routine that works for you. I’ll admit, I was not a morning person and had 5 alarms set 7 minutes apart to get out of bed! So this routine I’m about to share did take some trial and error. But it truly helped me look forward to my day and made me feel awesome.

It’s short and simple. It’s only a 35-minute routine that helped me out tremendously and fit my crazy ass schedule.

Just try this: Wake up tomorrow and replace your current ritual with these morning routine ideas. It really only takes 35 minutes to supercharge your body and mind for a way better day ahead. And every day after that is so much better!

#1 FIRST, Fuel your brain

Don’t jug down your coffee and get a caffeine buzz ( I use to do this)! By fuelling your brain I mean, get good vibes going. When you wake up, jam your favorite tunes while you do your morning basics like brushing your teeth and cleansing your face. Good music brings good vibes and helps get you motivated to start the day.

Hold on…Don’t go for the coffee just yet, try drinking two to three glasses of cold water first thing. You’ll release toxins in your body and boost your metabolism by 24%! It’s not easy to replace your first coffee with water, but you will get that ‘coffee buzz’ since water hydrates the body and keeps you more alert — just try it. Science shows that isn’t the coffee that wakes us up but just the consumption of a beverage. (I sip on just a little bit coffee afterward as a reward for drinking water. I love my coffee!)

Time: 5 minutes

#2 NOW, Get movin’

Now, go for a walk or jog — no I’m not crazy. If you’re near a beach, take your work out outdoors and get some Vitamin D! By walking or jogging, your endorphins will start kicking in which means a better mood and a better flow of energy. Waking up your endorphins will get you in a happy mood — it’s like a natural happy drug.

The good news is that it doesn’t take long to start feeling good and energized. Start out with 15–20 minutes. While you’re exercising, be mindful. Enjoy the moment you’re exercising and your surroundings. You can also focus on your today’s goals as well, and how you’re going to achieve them today. Circulation boosts creativity as you get the blood flowing throughout your body and helps wake up your brain. Science has shown that when we move around, like walking, for instance, we increase creative thinking by 60%!

Time: 20 minutes

#3 START to mindfully meditate

I use to suck at this. My mind couldn’t stay stagnant for more than 5 seconds. However, there a plenty of reasons to mediate but each type of meditation serves a purpose. Not all meditations have to be long and drawn out sessions. It’s an excellent idea when you have time to practice meditation as many successful women (and men) do mediate in their daily routines either before or after the workday.

If you feel crunched for time in the morning, start with a small session of about five minutes. But do your meditation before you start tackling tasks. The goal is to live in the moment and stay focused in that moment for the entire five minutes. You’ll notice immediately a difference in your outlook on the current day and even in life.

Time: 5 minutes

#4 SET your goals

Finally, set yourself up for success. Now that you have a clear mind after accomplishing the initial 30 minutes of this routine, take three minutes and write down your goals in a journal or somewhere you can see them. These goals could be daily, weekly or whenever — there is no set time-frame. The point is that you acknowledge these goals and that you see them in front of you. By devoting these few minutes every day, you become more dedicated to achieving them and bringing them to fruition.

Time: 3 minutes

#5 BECOME more grateful

This may sound a bit cliché, but when you’re grateful for all the little things in your life or your business, the day seems to go better. I personally like to focus on things I’m grateful for while I’m on my way to work.

While you’re getting some positive energy flowing, start being grateful. Think or even jot down three things you are grateful for. In the beginning, you might feel ridiculous, but you’ll notice that this helps you see the positive aspects and life that will uplift your morning mood.

Showing an attitude of gratitude helps promote positive energy and will fortify the reason you’re moving forward with your business. You can be grateful for your supportive team, partner, kids or business sales. The point is — just learn to be appreciative and really be thankful for everything you have (or will have in the future).

Time: 2 minutes

Get Your Morning Routine In-Check!

From my personal experience, I do this entire morning routine in mini-sessions as I get ready for work. For instance, I wake up and listen to music that puts me in a good mood while I prepare to walk to work. YES, I decided to walk in the morning to work since the office is a little more than 35 minutes away. I find that time is still on my side by walking since commuting to the office takes about 20–25 minutes anyways.

There are definitely plenty of morning routines out there to help supercharge the day ahead for success. Some morning rituals may be longer than others, and it really depends on how much time you’d like to devote to waking up with energy.

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