Moscow, Russia

Moscow, the capital of the largest country of the planet. A crazy city full of opposites. From being beautiful it can be ugly, rich and poor, fast-paced and lazy, It I crazy to think that that’s the case.

What you need to know before moving to Russia:

If you don’t know how to speak Russian it would be good if you started taking a few classes or if you could familiarize yourself with a few sentences just to be able to get around. At work you will definitely be able to speak English but when it comes to the daily life it is said that 81% of the Russian can speak their language and their language only.

When it comes to greeting a Russian, you shake his hand firmly while maintaining direct eye contact and giving the appropriate greeting of that time of day. When men shake hands with women the handshake is less firm. When women are friends the kiss on the cheek three times starting left.

As for the business protocol, Russians don’t establish a personal relationship before doing business. Be formal to show them that they can trust you by being sincere. If they ask you for a favor that means that you have successfully created a relationship.

The first business meeting is often to determine if you and the company you work for are credible. First impressions are important. Be punctual to meetings, everything takes longer than expected with Russians. Russians want a detailed and long presentation. Prepare everything in English as well as in Russian. Meetings and negotiations are slow, Russians add a lot of importance to hierarchy and prefer meeting people from the same ranking as them. With Russians it’s win or lose, they may lose their temper, walk out the room it is a negotiation strategy to see if you will change your mind. Be patient and don’t use high pressure sales tactics against them. Nothing is decided until the contract is signed.

If you are invited to a Russian house to eat, you should bring a small gift, like flowers for the hostess. When you enter the house they may give you slippers to wear. Dress in well for it shows respect to the hosts because you will be treated really well. Offer help.

There is no escaping the fact that the cost of living in Russia is high. Most expats will find themselves in the city where everything tends to be more expensive.

What to do in Moscow? Moscow’s architecture is impressive, from the St. Basil’s cathedral to the numerous beautiful museums. You will see that the architecture there is quite unique. Go to the red square, botanical gardens and art galleries. To get around you can use the public transportation that is cheap. Subway, bus, tram and taxi, but the most convenient in Moscow would be by subway.

The food in Russia is distinctive and unique, they use a lot of different products to cook. If you are a vegetarian, you will love Russia because there is a lot of different dishes for vegetarians. If you eat meat, you’ll be happy also.

Have fun in Moscow!!

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