PowerPoints Reviewed For Top Law Firms | Download Free Legal Templates

Whether they’re used to sum up evidence in a courtroom or to organize material for a presentation, law PowerPoints are pervasive. One estimate suggests that a law PowerPoint presentation is given about 60,000 times a day in the U.S. legal industry. That equals about 6,000 legal PowerPoint presentations every hour of a 10-hour day, including opening and closing arguments in court, sessions at professional conferences, and presentations to judges, clients, and students.

The combined revenue of the world’s top 200 law firms exceeded $100 billion in 2015. We can extrapolate that compelling law PowerPoint templates and presentations have contributed to a good portion of that revenue. A strong, well-designed presentation can truly make the difference. Here, we review some of the looks and strategies behind law PowerPoint templates from some of the top 10 firms in the U.S. If you’re part of a law firm that needs a new template or if you’re simply interested in learning more about PowerPoint design

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