What To Expect As a Non American Startup In Y-combinator?

We had just arrived from the snow country -Norway to the sunny Silicon Valley as the first Norwegian startup to be accepted into the prestigous Y Combinator. Everybody back home was cheering for us.

Our startup Konsus (a platform for outsourcing business tasks to a pre-vetted team of experts) had been accepted in to the Spring (W16) batch of YC. We had applied all the way from Norway where it was launched just a few months earlier, and had started seeing a good traction of 10% weekly growth.

So, how YC works is once they pick the Startups for a cycle, they invite them to move to the Bay Area for 3 months during which the startups undergo an intensive boot camp to get into the best shape possible. At the end of the boot camp, the startups get a chance to pitch to an audience of world’s top investors. This is a highly coveted place for entrepreneurs across the world.

The boot camp was a great learning experience for us and at the end of it we managed to get funding by some of the top investors including Slack.

Ever since we’ve returned home after those 3 intense months, people are keen to hear our experiences. Since stories from international startups are not so common, we decided to finally spill the beans.

What it is like?, What we learned? and How to make the most of it?

Some great tips every business can learn from.

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