Announcing Kontainers Edge Expansion 2019


Last week we reviewed data from interactions with prospective clients of our new Edge Product.

Edge prospects hail from all across the globe, from Manila to Dubai, Chicago to Hamburg, Manchester to Santiago, Ningbo to Cape Town. The median Edge client has revenue of $84m with the max a turnover of $1350m.

The learning’s from the early interactions with prospective Edge clients was hugely interesting and one piece of feedback stood out that we felt like we needed to reiterate to avoid any confusion:

Forwarders using their own branded Edge platform have the ability to distribute many different rates online, for same port pairs, direct to clients dashboards

This is one of the many features Edge clients get as standard, with more industry firsts being rolled out on a quarterly basis.

When you launch a product like Edge and create what is essentially a brand new category of Freight Software, it is vital to iterate and upgrade fast for the benefit of those innovative clients who come on-board early on.

With that being said, we are delighted to unveil a series of new benefits for new and existing Edge clients in 2019:

  1. Free course on becoming a digital sales channel expert (hosted on Moodle) to help acquire new clients after transitioning current ones.
  2. Deeper integration capability to help map your current systems to your new client facing portal, incorporating even more freight, finance and many other systems.
  3. Option to become part of the Edge community, collaborating on new ideas and helping shape the future of the Kontainers suite of tools.
  4. New specific Edge packages including:

i) Global Forwarder regional edition

ii) Implementation fee finance option

iii) Non Ocean-Centric Forwarder bolt on

iv) Upgrade program from Edge to Enterprise to facilitate global expansion