How To Save $5,000,000 (And Possibly Your Business)

We looked at the amount of capital raised and staff numbers of various digital forwarders, their time to market and cross referenced that with forwarders that we know are building their own online platforms.

The average number we got is a touch over $3m to build a initial client facing execution platform (not just a webpage) and another $3m to operate it (the cost of ownership and maintenance).

You need only ask yourself four questions to help guide you to whether or not you should choose Kontainers Edge:

  1. Has your company ever built out enterprise grade software in the past?

If you have not built before then don’t start by trying to build the most important piece of customer facing software you’ll ever buy.

If you have a preference towards buying, ask yourself (or others who have tried) if it’s worth the risk?

2. Can a third party supply greater than 80% of the capabilities you need?

Deciding to invest capital in a multimillion platform does not mean that you have to build it all yourself. Other companies will have solved most of your problems. Your new platform should be able to leverage tried and tested components to de-risk your overall investment.

This means that the money you do have to invest is solving problems unique to you and your company — making you a differentiator and giving you best ‘bang for your buck’.

3. Does your company push technical boundaries at a rate where a third party couldn’t match your pace of innovation?

Small, nimble market entrants are unburdened with legacy IT teams and are highly capitalised. Recent investments in FreightHub is making waves after a $20 million series A late last year. Freightos’ recent $44 million boost to take their total haul to around ~$100 million.

You may have a good IT team and you may be able to build yourself, but can you build, iterate and adapt fast enough?

4. Will the market allow you to wait for the ‘next big thing’?

As you consider the prospect of building vs. buying, determine the urgency for deploying a customer sales platform to your marketers.

Measure current gaps in marketing performance, analyze the status of competitors’ advancements toward 1:1 personalization and determine whether you can afford to wait.

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘No’ then you are in danger of wasting your investment in IT.

And if you didn’t already realize the market isn’t going to wait for you, Kuehne+Nagle’s Otto Schacht reported they had grown their overall volume by 112,000 TEU in just 3 months, with:

“a substantial amount of new business was gained with our two new digital platforms”

The clock is ticking.

By the way, at Kontainers, one of our Edge customers (Chinese NVOCC) has reduced quote times on the Transpac from 2 days to 3 minutes.

We can get any mid-sized forwarder in the world live with their own branded Edge platform in just 4 weeks.

Real time quotes, complete booking system, dashboard management and analytics, all on any internet enabled device.

Very limited capacity remaining for 2018.

Kontainers is a customisable, client-facing, execution platform for Freight Forwarders, deployed in an unbeatable timeframe, and with a proven track record of multiple on-time deliveries for 4 of the top20 Shipping Brands

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