Kontainers 2018 Round-Up

and what’s to come..

Entering 2018, Kontainers had been mistaken by many for a Digital Forwarder, Marketplace or just a small company trying to figure out where it fit in to the LogTech/ShipTech/FreighTech ecosystem.

Entering 2019, however, the majority of the industry now know exactly what that same company do. Providing Enterprise grade SaaS, powering some of the largest shipping brand’s client-facing portals. Enabling forwarders and carriers, all over the world, with technology to repel the noise of disruptors and future proof their business for the next decade with FreightTech.

Let’s briefly reel in the year and see what’s tee’d up for the next 12 months.

What a year it’s been — Charles Lee & Graham Parker, Kontainers Co-Founders


Pushing out more content (over 100 unique pieces) than almost any other company in FreightTech wasn’t easy, and required quite a bit of caffeine. This much to be exact*

*not exactly exact

This content was a mixture of blog posts (from comparing the similarities of our industry to that of FinTech to dissecting how the mistakes of Blockbuster, in an industry undergoing a digital transformation, inevitably led to it’s collapse), Willy Wonka styled Golden Tickets, White-Papers, short video clips, and a lot more.

We enlisted the help of the incredible Conor Waters to create the video series on several aspects of the company, the most poignant of which from our Charlie Lee, speaking like the industry leading technologist he is:

It’s been a fun year experimenting and running with ideas, and organically growing our reach via social channels, which will be supercharged in 2019.


It’s always nice to be recognised for your work, and this year we were on both sides of the table.

Back in February, we picked up Startup of the Year from Dublin Tech Summit and just last month added to the trophy cabinet with Maritime Services Company of the Year at the Irish Exporters Awards.

But we were also privledged enough to be able to sponsor Freight Forwarder of the Year at the Global Freight Awards in London, where Graham Parker presented the award to Flexport. A huge achievement to their rapidly growing team and a sign of things to come in the industry

Graham Parker, Sanne Manders (Flexport COO) and the team, Romesh Ranganathan

Awards are obviously a nice way to celebrate a job well done, but perhaps being asked to share your knowledge and expertise at some industry specific events is just as meaningful.

From Dublin to Hamburg, London to Dubai, Las Vegas to Tel Aviv, the team has been across the globe, particularly in recent months, at some incredible conferences and gatherings featuring those moving the needle on FreightTech. But to name a few, a huge thanks to JOC, Freightos, OceanX Network and everyone else for having us. We look forward to returning to your events and sending out invites of our own the new year.

Product Releases

So what do we market? What do we speak about? What are the awards for?

Our flagship product, Kontainers Enterprise has been in development since 2014 and now powers some of the most well-known brands in shipping. The largest carrier on Earth included, Maersk Line.

“Working with Kontainers, using their customizable off the shelf solutions has allowed us to test and verify our ideas sooner and cheaper than what we otherwise would have, which was critical for us in this early stage development phase.”
- Oscar Ohde, Leading Change Director, Maersk Line

But Kontainers Enterprise was just the warm up.

We understood that a more off-the-shelf solution was required to address the greater market, to enable rather than disrupt.

We see traditional forwarders having three core pillars that have taken decades to build up:

  • Global network
  • Thousands of Client Relationships
  • Deep Domain Experience

Digital Forwarders need to compensate for these three with billions of dollars, but are very competent with technology, unburdened by legacy systems and disrupting the industry with their superior customer UI (user interface).

Kontainers adds the final piece of the jigsaw to traditional forwarders..

  • Technology

..to allow any forwarder in the world to become a ‘Modern Forwarder’ in just 4 weeks with Edge, and deflect any disruption by pleasing your customers with a way to transact with you digitally.

With interest from, literally, every corner of the planet and having launched only in September, 2019 will be a huge year for Kontainers Edge and the rest of our suite of products.

All good things


We plan on hitting the ground running.

And without giving too much away, here’s a few things to keep an eye out for:

  • We have some incredible new hires starting in Q1
  • We are a VIP Partner Sponsor for TPM. See you in Long Beach in March!
  • 2018 we started off without being able to mention Maersk, whereas we begin 2019 with a truly global, award-winning and enterprise suite of products.
  • More Enterprise client announcements, household carrier and forwarder names.
We’re only getting warmed up.

From all the team at Kontainers, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!