Instant Confirmation and Dynamic Pricing as Standard with Kontainers

2018: dial-up quote access

The JOC published a super infographic this week comparing the digital capabilities of the leading Carriers when it comes to online quotes. According to JOC, “the world’s largest container lines are largely lagging when it comes to providing Shippers with an e-commerce interface to look up instant quote rates”.

Credit: JOC Analysis/IHS Markit

This analysis shows the current state of the Carriers Customer digital offerings but it also shows how Carriers are on a journey. Initially it was enough to put shipping schedules online. Then to differentiate further Carriers had to offer a way to get a quote online.

Both of these customer capabilities were relatively straightforward to implement technically. Now the leaders are making the move from putting ‘static’ information online to the much more complex and valuable world of instant quotes and instant bookings.

Instant Confirmation

The infographic now has a new column in the ‘race for customers’ — Instant Confirmation.

Only this week Maersk announced that they are the first Carrier in the world to offer instant confirmation online. Maersk now stands alone and is leaving their less digital capable competitors in their wake.

This is in line with Maersk’s customer-focused strategy. Customers no longer have to wait two days for a quote only to be told there is no space on the schedule of choice or the price has changed.

Kontainers comes bundled with Instant Confirmation and Dynamic Pricing capability in an out of the box solution to support the accelerated digital journey for Carriers and Freight Forwarders

Dynamic Pricing

Kontainers Enterprise product has a built-in dynamic pricing engine. Using this engine we can enable a set of business rules to ‘weigh’ your prices to meet market demand.

Here are the top 8 most popular rules on our globally unique dynamic pricing engine

  1. Change price based on allocation available
  2. Change price based on equipment over/under supply
  3. Change price based on proximity to sailing/closing date
  4. Change price based on data driven price changes such as peak season or world events.
  5. Commodity driven pricing (e.g waste products or tea coffee)
  6. Change price based on total booking number (reward loyalty)
  7. Change price if accept deposit payment percentage
  8. Change price based on trucking API confirming availability or lack thereof

SMF Platform

Dynamic Pricing coupled with Instant Confirmation has the potential to bring a whole new customer base to the Carriers And small to medium sized freight forwarders (SMFs).

As demand comes close to the supply max, a pricing rule can be applied. Similarly, if bookings are lower than expected before ETD another pricing rule can be applied. As a result, every booking is a guaranteed booking.

Cancellations are a thing of the past.

Carriers and Freight Forwarders could also enhance their current operations and be able to offer ‘‘micro-bookings’ to SMFs when spare capacity is high.

A whole new way to sell and manage spare capacity with minimal operations input is now available to Kontainers Enterprise users.

Kontainers is a customisable, client-facing, execution platform for Freight Forwarders, deployed in an unbeatable timeframe, and with a proven track record of multiple on-time deliveries for 4 of the top20 Shipping Brands

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