Beginning my Overwatch Career

For as long as I can remember I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do with my life (along with every single other person in the world), with little to no success. I’ve wanted to become a wildlife photographer, a scientist, a college professor, a writer, a therapist; you name it, I probably wanted to be it at some point.

But underlying that all, the one thing I’ve always wanted to be was a professional video game player. My earliest memory of playing a video game was after I had an asthma attack at the age of 3, lying in my hospital bed. My brother, Andy, had brought our Nintendo 64 and Army Men Sarge’s Heroes. In fact, the only thing I can remember from that time of my life was playing that game in my hospital bed. It might be my earliest memory.

But from there, I went on a long and diverse journey through the world of video games. First it was World of Warcraft, allowing me to discover my love of PvP in the arena. Next came Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2; I believe I had 36 days played, probably 30 of those spent quick scoping. But that was the end of FPS games for me, at least for a while. I took a huge shift into MOBAs, playing Heroes of Newerth (HoN) religiously. Then I took that HoN experience into DotA 2, logging ~1,700 hours into that. I captained a team of 20+ year olds at the age of 15. After MOBAs got stale and infuriating for me, I got into the Hearthstone beta and went with that for a while. I had always loved card games, spending countless hours in Magic the Gathering throughout all these years. I made Legend twice during the Hearthstone beta, making it to number two in the country at some point.

Throughout the entirety of my life I spent the majority of my time playing video games and absolutely loving it. But I was too ashamed to do something with it. I didn’t want to be known as that kid who’s trying to go pro in gaming, that nerd. I had been called that word pretty much everyday throughout schooling because of my “addiction”.

But my brother was always by my side trying to push me into the fray, to finally spread my wings and make my passion my career. If I had listened to him a single time from the age of 12 to now, I probably could’ve gone pro in any of the games I played. But I was soft.

Upon hearing about the release of Overwatch, and seeing the ridiculously cool game play, I knew something had to be done. It was my chance. If I could just get over this fear of committing to something I truly love and not giving a shit about what people think of it, my dream could really come true. So 16 days ago I spent $1,500 on a gaming computer and dedicated myself. I will make my dream a reality. I’ll stream, I’ll improve each and everyday, and I will win tournaments. This is my not just my hobby or my addiction anymore. I will make this my life and I will succeed.