It’s a very strange feeling, to be civil with you.

He’s repeating the “science” of people like Jensen, Rushton, and Lynn. Which is to say, stuff that’s thus far been unproven (the entire framework it’s based on, really) and is pretty crappy work.

No doubt Moldbug is taken with the hereditarian side, and I wouldn’t blame someone who doesn’t actually understand the science for making that mistake.

But as someone who agrees with Moldbug far more than you do, I guess I’m just disappointed.

Check out the wiki article for Lynn to see the level of shoddy work he’s done:

This is the guy Moldbug cites for bushman and Australian Aboriginal IQ’s. Read Wicherts' paper on the Lynn’s shitty work, too. If Moldbug can defend his use of these figures, I would love to see how.