Mobile Playlist Management

MPM is an application design to have a better playlist management than the other current Applications out there today. This was made with two other students, Oliver Reyes and Keven Duke. In a 10-week process we reached to our final design with the knowledge and tools to complete it.

User Research
Our group interviewed 9 people of their playlist managing style and what usually occurs for people who use playlists frequently. Our questions consisted mainly of:

  1. Which mobile music application do you use?
  2. How often do you make playlists?
  3. What are the downsides of managing playlists on your application?
  4. What are the benefits of managing playlists on your application?
  5. What do you use your playlists

With these main questions we were able to figure out the good and bad points of each mobile application. With the information available we began to design our own mobile playlist application.

First we made a Competitive Analysis — Hierarchy of pages for the applications

Then here are some of the interviews we conducted with the 10 distinctive cases

And Last here are our genres.

Now we had to compare the applications to each other to see the design difference per application. Here is on example of our comparison of Good and Bad Analysis.

We can see here that Soundcloud is easily more limited than Spotify with our side to side comparison. We just have to do this to our new design and we will be solid!

Some of the obstacles we face in making these were which questions to ask the interviewees to help our design. I felt like some of the questions were repetitive or pointless so our team had to create more unique questions to receive more unique questions.

The Design
After we have did all our research it was time to create our design. We have used a tool called Azure to help us design our mobile application quickly and efficiently. After we Have made our design, we had to compare it to Spotify to see if out design was at least a little bit better.

If we were to have a scenario, our design would trump Spotify’s design if it was meant to make a playlist for a friend.

From the start to end this is how we made our mobile playlist management design!

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