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In the age of social media, we seem to habitually scroll through news feeds and stumble upon scores of posts from friends about their multitude of life accomplishments and the incredible travels. Social media is, of course, not only a place to connect with others, but also a place to brag and post about the highlights of your life. It’s so easy to feel that our lives are somehow less fulfilling than our peers' and that we aren’t doing enough. The results are intense feelings of inadequacy. Jealousy.

Although I tend to stay away from social media nowadays, I continually…

What I learned from having the hardest conversations of my life.

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Without a doubt, the most emotional part of my life is when I first learned to stop internalizing everything.

In the military, as you can imagine, you don’t talk about your feelings, or even think about why you feel a certain way.

There is simply no room for discussing feelings. If you’re sad, angry, depressed, lonely, anxious, etc., it doesn’t matter. You hold it all in and push forward. You do what you need to do to get the job done. …

And a lesson I learned while serving in the military.

A photo of myself at Tenaya Lake, in Yosemite National Park.

Hello Illumination community! I’m a 24 year old, introverted veteran, and a fresh face in the writing game. I’ve just separated from the U.S. Navy in November 2019, after 6 years of service. Now I’m on this journey to figure out what really makes me happy.


My uncle, a 16+ year veteran, praised the Navy and claimed it was the best years of his life. With the way he described it, it sounded incredible, and frankly, I had nothing I was interested in going to school for, and no real desire for any career. …

Patience is key.

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I hated running more than anything.

My legs felt broken after running a mile.

Now I can comfortably run 14+ miles without too much effort.

Rough Beginnings

I had been living in South Carolina for a year for military training, and regularly spent my weekends running at the track on base for ~20 minutes at a time.

I got shin splints every time, and I felt I actually wouldn’t be able to run again until the next weekend. I thought running just wasn’t something my body was made to do, but I kept at it consistently as a way to stay fit.

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You likely don’t give it a second thought.

You have your regular running routes already established.

If you live in the suburbs, maybe you have a route around your neighborhood, or you drive out to a nearby public space with a running trail. If you live in the city, maybe your options for running in public spaces are minimal, so you have a route up and down the roads around your home.

Convenience, familiarity, beauty.

These are some of the many things runners can take into consideration when choosing their route for the day. …

And 4 Reasons Why Headphones Have Their Place

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Most runners out there undoubtedly have a habit of grabbing their headphones whenever they put on their running shoes. They go hand in hand.

That’s part of the reason why I love running, because it gives me a chance to forget about everything for a little while and blast my favorite tracks that I enjoy so much while getting a workout in.

However, there is a time and a place for tuning everything out. Like anything in life, there is both a positive side and a negative side to bringing your earbuds along.

The Negatives

1.) Extreme lack of situational awareness

I am very grateful that my neighborhood…

The universe does not revolve around me. I am not the absolute ruler of the world.

The Earth and all of its natural monuments do not exist for my enjoyment, nor it’s forces of nature for my displeasure.

The sunshine is not here because I wanted it to be sunny today. The thunderstorms do not come and go to cause annoyance and make planning my walks and runs outside difficult.

They just are. The world has existed before me, it will continue alongside me, and it will carry on after me.

People are not here to serve me and make…

And why I’m telling him no.

One of my biggest wishes, despite how silly it may sound, is to turn back time, about 13 years ago or so, back to my younger years, before the struggles of my teenage years. To where I was without a care in the world. No bills to pay. No job to worry about. There’s no doubt many people out there wish to go back and experience these days all over again.

As a child I didn’t even wish to have a ton of money and a mansion or be famous. …

Who knew kids could be so cruel?

Communication is not my strong suit.

Not only do I lean towards the introverted side of the extrovert-introvert spectrum, I am also a fairly awkward young adult; however, it is something that I’ve been consistently working on throughout my life. I don’t believe it has always been this way.

I loved socializing with my friends as a kid, just like any other. I loved riding bikes with friends and playing video games at their houses. I enjoyed the hell out of talking about video games. Every day after school we would play this online game together, from when I got…

A fresh start

Life seems to have been put on an indefinite hold. I had a plan after separating from the military. I had a spot in the San Diego Marathon. I had a permit for the Pacific Crest Trail, with a start date in July. I, along with several others at work, have seen our hours cut. The news is swirling with all the negative effects and the dreary outlook of the coronavirus epidemic. There seems to be nothing but negativity everywhere I look.

I could see this as the universe, or God, or this higher source energy, being out to get…

Koree Scott

Adventurer. Former Navy Nuke. Health Junkie.

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