How Twitter can win

My own thoughts

I am a Twitter lover, call me what you want. I have been using Twitter since 2009, but only the past few years I have been hitting it “hard”. I feel I am a power user since its basically the only social network I use hourly/daily, so I feel compelled to help. Right now I get the feeling they have a ton of ideas but are not sure how/what to do implement. (they could have no ideas?) here are some of my suggestions on things I would love to see change, plus I feel they could change the game.

Ad creation sucks!

Ok I really like the idea of advertising on Twitter as a startup founder this is something I’m doing, well sort of…


Fix your ad creation experience because it sucks and I would bet your losing buyers. Every time I try to create a new ad, I getting hung up on the image uploader, yeah the fucking image uploader for my ad lol. Then it times out, and everything gets messed up, then I say fuck it and bounce out. Fix your image uploader, BTW I am using Chrome browser. I will buy many ads if you make it easy.

Make an SDK/API for ads!!!!!!!!!!! as an app developer/designer I would love to have the ability to pull ads from Twitter and display them in my app so I can generate income. This would be a win all around, the ad buyer can reach outside Twitter and inside, this would be fucking huge, not to mention you already have Crashlytics and can provide data for me. Make this happen = Winning.

It’s all the same

I see too much of the same tweets, basically if something big happens in “my world” (tech) I can look on Twitter for 5 second, then turn it off for the day because every tweet will be the same. This renders my feed useless for an entire day, its not worth my time to find relevant tweets through all the noise, this can hurt Twitters session times. (effecting ad rev)


Aggregate tweets and show them to me as highlights for the day, or whats happening now. Any new tweets with the same #hashtag or keywords will be added to the highlights. At this point it really doesn’t matter who is tweeting this, just lump it in. I currently already see the same tweet 1000 times today and it makes my feed this stagnant experience that I need to manually parse through to find interesting stuff.

Once I click on my highlight, just load a new feed with all my Twitter connections tweets about this news, possibly ranking them by some kind of smart order. (People I engage with the most, most viewed, retweeted..etc).

Why do I care what’s trending?

Finally I can carry on with my day now that I know Niki Minaj is putting MTV on Blast? who cares? most things Twitter trends are useless and its wasting space or bother me.


I know you can currently change your Trend settings but only by location, which is weird, but why can’t I change them based on category. For instance I want to see what is trending in Fashion, Sports, Tech, and food..etc If I can easily do that and this renders my trending bar useful and custom to me making it a value add to my experience.

Superficial following

Creating a user base that will only follow you if you have “X” amount of followers is wrong to support and needs to be corrected to enhance user growth and engagement.


Remove how many people you are following, and maybe instead show users you share in common when someone is visiting your profile. This would make users who are new have the opportunity to feel included in the community and not outcasted for having no followers or “unequal” follower to following ratio. This will also stop users from unfollowing people to maintain the perfect balance so they don’t look “uncool” for having a high number of people they follow. By implementing this feature it will also drive out bots, and mass amounts of websites where you can buy followers. If you tweet about good stuff why does the amount of followers you have even matter? quality over quantity all day, everyday.

Why can’t I see periscopes in my twitter feed?

You guys did acquire them right? how come you guys never do anything useful for growth/product from acquisitions? Why do I need to even open Periscope on my phone, this should be a tab in my feed, see live twideos. Users can interact with live videos in twitter.

I tap the live twideos tab > I see live videos > I interact with them by tweeting. Done I am happily engaged in a new way. I can now interacting with users on twitter in a new cool way that would revive a slumping crowd, and potentially drive new users to the platform to harness this one feature.

I am sorry but Vine is useless , what the heck can I do in 6 seconds? Joe 6 pack user is not interested in 6 seconds, this is a place where marketers and brands hang out and stroke each other. I really tried to like Vine, it just didn’t do anything for me, the effort to create a witty 6 second video was too much commitment with little return.

This is all I can share for now, I have many more ideas but I shut it for now. Hope you enjoyed my thoughts. Follow me @koridhandy for more.

Cheers :)