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Are you a female iOS developer looking to join a startup?(bro club) no seriously, no lie it’s a bro club we admit it, but let’s ignore that shit and break the mold. I am the Design founder of, but I am also a dad, I have 2 amazing little girls (1 &4). I want to lead by example and show them that anything is possible, and to follow your dreams no matter how hard or far away they seem, so I am making it my mission to find a talented female iOS developer as our first hire.

You will be working lots with Mitchell, he is my Cofounder, and a brilliant iOS developer who I have watched turn into a fucking machine over the last year and a half.

We will train you how to work smart, and fast while maintaining quality code, and remember we are a design first company. Hopefully you will have things to tech us too, we loooooove to learn.

We are in Kirkland, WA, 25 min outside down town Seattle. We can discuss remote options, maybe you can sell me on it, in person is alway better. Lots of trails right outside my house, huge park to run in if that’s your thing.

And yes we are funded, 2 silent investors who are really cool (lucky to have them).

Our work environment and situation

Wow, ok not sure where to start, we are a really unorthodox startup. We don’t have just one product, we operate more like a lab, we build lots mini startups (Apps). We allocate resources to the new app and see if it gets some serious traction, if nothing happens during the time limits, we move on to the next app idea and rinse+repeat until we find a winner. You will learn so fast and so much about lots of different industries, we do our research before we build obviously. I can confidently tell you important information (laws, growth, services, ..etc) about 4–5 different sectors (startup industries) and soon you will also know this stuff too.

We work out of my garage, it’s fun, you can open the door when it’s nice out, the garage has windows for natural light. You have access to a full kitchen, and bathroom(obviously). My little girls pop in to say hello a few times a day, and we have an office dog named Bailey(twitter famous). We have lots of healthy snacks, and literally an entire cupboard full of every kind of tea, we also have beer and wine if that’s your thing.

We work random hours, no set schedule. Some days we work from 11am until 2am and some days we are up at 7am and work until 9pm, it really all depends, so you need to be flexible and ready to hustle. We can give you weekends and holidays off, don’t feel guilty, we will keep working so code and design keeps cranking, Mitchell and I don’t take any days off, but that’s expected when it’s your company.

Yes we are 2 guys, and we say random stuff, we both have good sense of humors (my wife might argue that) needless to say we have a ton of laughs in the garage at all times.

We also pump the EDM 90% of the time, I bet my neighborhood thinks we have DJs spinning in the garage at nights. So if you don’t like EDM I will buy you some baller headphones so you can listen to whatever gets you cranking code.

We love to ideate, we move extremely fast on things to smoke test ideas, concepts..etc before we dive head first into building an entire app. Sometimes we move too fast for our own good hahah. Just don’t get mad if you’re deleting code, we do it all the time.

What we need

  • Must have at least 8 months experience working as an iOS developer
  • Hopefully you have published 1 app to the store on your own
  • Can write using Swift, if not Object-C is fine, we’ll teach you.
  • Experience with animation frameworks, SDKs, SpriteKit
  • Understands Parse, and AWS (we’ll show you some tricks)
  • Must love finding cool shit on Github, basically your resourceful
  • Must understand the importance of design (you won’t design don’t worry)
  • Must be interested in learning how to build watch and TV apps (we’ll do it together, don’t worry)
  • Have you used Sketch? we’ll show you how, we keep all assets here for you to export.
  • Self starts will excel in this environment.
  • Must be familiar with google docs, slack, git..etc.

What you get

  • Desk in the garage with a 27" iMac preloaded with Xcode and Sketch.
  • Crazy amounts of experience to take with you
  • Yes, snacks, and tea
  • Weekends, holidays off
  • Attend events in Seattle area (paid by us)
  • We’ll keep you healthy (blue cross healthcare)
  • Use of iPhone 4–5–6–6+ iWatch, iPad, new Apple TV (all for testing)
  • Open to remote workers, but we can’t match the crazy salary expectation of San Francisco, that’s why we moved our startup to Seattle. No over seas, or dev firms please.

Is that cool? Oh and a salary of course..

Please respond to