My quest to beat binge eating
Sophia Ciocca

Hi Sophia, in the eighties and nineties I suffered from anorexia nervosa that miraculously changed into binge eating. I have watched my hands hundreds or thousands of times shuffling food into my mouth and could not stop it. Although you are free at any time, addiction is hard to overcome. Your conscious mind knows that you cannot stuff a hole in your heart with food. During an attack of binge eating, logic and reasoning goes out the window. My salvation was a psychotherapy. One weekly session during one year made me realise the reasons for my binge eating and I was able to drop it — slowly by slowly. Even today, two decades later, I sometimes feel the urge to console myself with food. In these cases I ask myself: What I am missing? Am I too hard on myself? The answer is mostly yes.

Food addictions are especially hard to beat because food is all around us and we need to eat. Embrace your addiction because hopefully it will lead you to a better understanding of yourself and of your relationship with food. I have tackled the subject in my book ‘Cooking for Happiness’ published 2016 by HarperCollins. It describes my journey with food and tells you how to nourish your brain. I also recommend ‘Meet your happy chemicals’ by Loretta Breuning, because it explains a lot about the reasons for addiction. A personal eye-opener for me was a long time ago the classic ‘Fat is a feminist issue’ by Susie Orbach. I do think that a rational decision helps a lot with conquering binge eating. In case of relapse do not beat up yourself. All the best!

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