Maybe we need to know that everyone is just as “unhappy” as we are, as dire as it sounds. Yes, even that guy who just got an awesome promotion, the person you read about in that article who started her business in her kitchen sink and is now worth $100 million dollars, the girl on Instagram sharing her awesomely perfect life, amazing body and the flawless face, your friend who just married the guy of her dreams, that person who has never had to work for their money a day in their lives, the person who is always on an amazing vacation and has the best wardrobe; We all have our unresolved issues and insecurities relative to our own lives.
The Pursuit of Unhappy-ness
Ozzy Etomi

This is so so perfect. I work so hard to refrain from envying the picture perfect lives of strangers and celebrities, because believe it or not, everyone is fighting their own battles and demons.

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