The Life and Death of Lexa
Jason Rothenberg


you still do not get it.

Read carefully, yes it is a show about survival, which we have seen is about the sky people miraculously surviving, spear chest wounds, poison induced stab wounds, personal intents of suicide by hanging, Bellamy’s minor scraps when he continuously kills thousands of people - grounders who have a tradition of paying those attacks back. Jus drein jus daun and all those words you wrote and produced with your lovely creative team. Survival on your show shows survival as that sentence you just so lovely put, just another day thing, and yet you give us a character that goes beyond everything, even survival since she was a kid, a character that explains your word survival which you are so keen to use multiple times. Look into the Lexa’s story you created, go back, refresh your memory, who is she, what she did, HOW SHE SURVIVED, just to fade away from a stray bullet wound. Out of all the stories, script possibilities, creative team, talent, that is the story ¨you did not have a choice to change¨?

Please, do not even dare to say you now understand, you don’t! Apologies and more excuses like: Alycia had a primary contract with AMC, she was a guest star and what-not are useless. She worked simultaneously on two shows for two years and still Lexa had more life, heart and survival in her bones than any of your characters. You did not create Lexa Jason, Alycia did, so do not even take pride in what Heda was, especially since you DO NOT understand it. Alycia was in seven episodes in season 3 and she was since episode six in season 2. You could have gone another way, you could have found a way for her survival with your main characters amazing medical skills. You could have, you should have. Today it is late for this long ¨I’m sorry but not really sorry¨ letters to the public where you give more explanations of what we heard from you these past months.

On the other hand, Clexa isn’t just a love story. Like I said, go back, listen carefully to what that story was. Your show is about survival, contradulations, but MAYBE LIFE SHOULD BE ABOUT MORE THAN JUST SURVIVING. Ironic isn’t it Jason? You talk about clichés that this show transcended, do you even understand that Lexa was that transcended cliché? You created a commander, gave your actress of choice the role, but she gave her life, she gave her heart, she gave her power, intelligence, loyalty, fealty, wisdom, weakness for Clarke, peace, strenght, choice, she gave her people SURVIVAL. She as a young commander, changed the storyline and she deserved more.

Lexa is the meaning of survival. Personally, I have never had a character that I have connected as strongly as with Lexa. Survival for me was Lexa and hearing the words Ai gonplei ste odon, did not only show as she was fading away in Clarke’s arms, it ended the survival. Her death meant the contrary of survival, end. And your show isn’t about that is it?

See you have season 4, thanks to all the promotion you did with Clexa, the fans that got involved in Clexa storyline, Alycia and Eliza that gave them life. You have season 4 and miraculously you placed Lexa’s death in the most perfectly planned moment for you. How convenient. Alycia can defend you publicly and say none of this was attentional, Eliza also, your actors, but have you noticed their reactions, Alycia saying her favorite role of all time was Lexa, how she will miss her, what she meant. Eliza explaining how the love scene was the only time your main character smilled, how Lexa was Clarkes biggest most true love of all?

So Jason, please, stop. Stop talking about Lexa, stop talking about Clexa, stop giving excuses, stop adding salt to the wound, nothing will make it better, nothing will make it go away. You don’t understand, so stop. Just, stop.

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