Where the Democrat’s Civil War stands — and where the candidates are
Ryan Bohl

Klobuchar is an avowed centrist candidate so think putting her in the same camp as Sanders and Warren is either misleading or misguided depending on the intention and how these labels actually work.

Similarly Gabbard was one of the earliest supporters of Sanders in the 2016 primary and still espouses essentially the same platform today. Think there’s arguably a large crowd aware of this, though there is indeed another crowd in another bubble which are more aware of the Syrian meeting thing and see her as a traitor.

So at the very least if you’re going with platform I’d switch those two around. If it’s more to do with optics I think the picture might be a lot more muddy with different bubbles having different impressions of the candidates.

Would also mention that Yang has seemingly agreed to much of the platform the Sanders wing of the party uses but UBI is indeed the clear distinction and might hinder ambitions for Medicare for all. In a similar fashion that Harris big middle class tax break doesn’t really jell well with Medicare for all.

Since this article was released Mayor Pete has pivoted a bit to be a bit more vague and would thus put him a bit closer to the spiritualist camp now.

Lastly in general I think doing predictions without mentioning any statistics or polls is a bit pointless because it’s too open for anyone’s bias to come in. Especially considering the huge media bubbles everyone’s in right now. I think the dissonance between appearance and platform for both Gabbard and Klobuchar presented to the author shows this quite clearly.

For one thing I’d challenge the claim that Sanders making it out of the primary as being “unlikely”. Most polls I have seen has put him as being one of the most liked politicians, even among democrats. But only about 11% or something that vote I believe so maybe that skew isn’t as favorable. Regardless Sanders is the current front runner by far if discounting Biden. So really skeptical that the hurt over Hillary and interest in a non-white guy candidate is as painful as author suggests. Especially considering that both the front runners when including Biden are actually white men, and that they’re currently leading by a lot.