Welcome to KaramelaDAO!

Kostas Kay
3 min readFeb 20, 2022


How to join the sweetest DAO
in 10 steps!


Ways to become a Citizen in KaramelaDAO

Becoming a Citizen requires an NFT Citizenship. The easiest and fastest way to become a Citizen, is to purchase one of the NFT Citizenship when they are available. These NFTs will be soon available for purchase. Only 300 NFTs will be available for now, so make sure that you are watching the action on the Discord.

For a limited time, temporary Citizenships are also available:
If you participate in one of our Community Calls (virtual or physical), you’ll be granted a POAP (Proof of Participation) that you can use to vote and propose new motions. These temporary Citizenships will be deactivated when the DAO moves from the Genesis phase to the next one.

We also plan to award Citizenships to extraordinary people that supported the DAO. Check out Bounties for tasks that need to be completed.

10-step guide to join KaramelaDAO:


1. Join the KaramelaDAO server in Discord
…so you can attend community calls, interact with sweet Karamelians, join discussions, communicate and follow the traction.


2. Snoop around #chit-chat channel in Discord
…to get a glimpse of the discussions going on — (may feel overwhelming at first but don’t worry, it happened to all of us).

3. Go to #intro channel in Discord
…and introduce yourself by sharing whatever you feel Karamelians should know about you.

4. Explore #karameladao-101 in Discord
…to find useful links and get familiar with aspects of KaramelaDAO:

5. Participate in a sweet community call
…to connect, listen, share and contribute — we’d love to hear you. Community calls are announced at Discord #announcements.

6. Right after the call, claim your POAP*
…by sending a direct message (DM) “I was in the call” to the onboarding facilitator.

7. Create your MetaMask wallet* to receive POAPs* and tokens
…to be able to receive and store your POAPs — and accept $Lollipop* tokens ($Lols)*.

A step-by-step guide:

8. Import your POAPs* to your MetaMask wallet*

A step-by-step guide:

9. Go to #collabland-join in Discord
…and hit “Let’s go” — the Collab.Land bot will validate you as a Citizen with temporary citizenship, granting you access to citizen channels and material.

10. Congrats! You are now a KaramelaDAO Citizen!
You can access all KaramelaDAO citizen channels, join core teams, submit project proposals, vote, contribute to projects and take part in the journey of the sweetest DAO on earth!

OK - what’s next?


1. Explore the KaramelaDAO discord server, pick your favorite #channels and engage with sweet Karamelians
…the idea is to learn, share and contribute - any way you can, as much as you want.

2. Connect your MetaMask wallet to Polygon Testnet to accept $Lollipop* tokens
…so you can be paid for providing value, contributing to projects and moving the KaramelaDAO forward!

IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE A COINBASE/KRAKEN/EXCHANGE address! The coins will be lost! Use MetaMask!

Enjoy your tokens!



MetaMask wallet
A free crypto wallet software (one of many) that can connect to platforms built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Used to store digital assets you create or buy (NFT, tokens, etc.).

POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol)
POAPs are digital badges issued by event organizers. They are distributed to participants to validate attendance at specific events.

$Lollipop / ($loll)
The KaramelaDAO token.