KotoOfficialBlog “He set off”

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Report 1:koto.cashさんは休止状態に



Report 2:Kotoはハードフォークを行います


Report 3:コミュニティに感謝




Koto Development Team here.

During this long silence, we were really busy and fighting with bewilderment.

The situation has not been concluded yet, but please let me report on it.

If you already know what is going on or you were watching or participating in discussions over at Twitter and Discord, please read this as a follow up.

Report 1: koto.cash has disappeared lately.

It became impossible to contact koto.cash who is the founder and creator of Koto. To be honest, we got lost in contact more than two months ago.

We respected koto.cash and assumed he was just having a break and we decided to continue the operation of Koto. We still respect koto.cash now and we are grateful that he made Koto.

Report 2: Koto will be hard-forked

Many of the discussions are organized in separate documents, and they are pinned to Discord’s #dev channel. Please check the documents to catch up on the progress of the hard-fork. Even now, we still are in the process of testing different things and discussing about hard-forking and what to do after that at Discord everyday.

Report 3:We are grateful to the community.

Even with the two reports above, we had lots of the dramatic story that we talked for days.

We really spent a lot of time, but the happiest thing was that our community was very supportive and patient with the hard-fork.

Discussion goes on a daily basis, so those who have not seen the discussions before by any means will ask questions on the agenda. The community said, “Since I’m summarizing it over there, read it” “It was like this … reason is …”. It was very helpful.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone.

Thank you so much for supporting the Koto Development Team.

We will work hard on Koto development with even more time to meet your expectations.

Thank you so much for supporting us who have no big foundations nor charismatic leaders!