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私たちは 2017年12月13日に生まれました。通貨の名称はKoto。




  1. KotoOfficial(Discord):簡単な質問と多くの議論
  2. コト フォ-ラム(discourse):複雑で長期に渡る質問
  3. GithubWiki:多くの質問をまとめたFAQsや公式文章
  4. BlogとTwitter:Discordとdiscourseでまとまった情報を配信


Report 1:イメージ画像の決定



日本語はこちらです。( http://askmona.org/8455

Report 2:FAQsの作成






Report 3:本家追従









Greetings from Koto Development Team!

Hola, Kotomates! We were born on December 13th, 2017, and as you know, the name of this currency is Koto.

We, the Koto Development Team, were formed by some volunteers in the aid of Koto’s development and making a lot of discussions about the anonymous cryptocurrency Koto founded by koto.cash during a month at Discord.

We keep providing lots of information from here to the future!

Our current activity fields are as follows.

  1. KotoOfficial(Discord): Light chatting and lots of discussions
  2. Koto Forum(discourse): Complicated and/or long-term discussions
  3. GithubWiki: Official documents and FAQs
  4. Blog and Twitter: Official announcement decided at Discord and discourse

Now let us show you what was happening during a month from the birthday.

Report 1: Determination of The Koto Icons

We held Koto icon competition for a month at Ask Mona where is an online bulletin board from Japan and the two icons for head and tail of the coin won through many entries.

You can check the Guidelines for using the logo of Koto.

Report 2: FAQs

We believe a roadmap and/or whitepaper are published by an ICO company. We are aiming at practical development so that we do not establish them now and in the future but of course, it does not mean that we are developing without any plans. We are sharing many things to do though the team. You can refer to our FAQs on Github in details.

Report 3: Following the Master

We are following the upstream currency, Zcash, for a while. Someday we may not have to mind the version number of Zcash, but it is still a future story. The current version of Zcash is 1.0.14 then we are also going to release Koto 1.0.14 very soon. Additionally electrum wallet can be expected in the near future.

Report 4: Listing (still under investigation)

All the teams other than Core-Dev are focusing on investigation for listing and user support while they are pouring all the effort into development of the 1.0.14.

How much is Koto in USD? When will be Koto listed on the market? That is the most frequent question to us.

We are progressing steadily. We have an investigation team for listing. We believe we can bring good news to you in the near future.

We keep going forward against tons of exciting but sometimes dizzy tasks to do.

Do you keep Koto in mind? You can check this blog and our Twitter.

Do you wanna make Koto better? Why don’t you come and join us at our Discord or discourse?