KotoOfficialBlog “i am 1.0.14”

Mar 7, 2018 · 6 min read

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Report 1:Koto1.0.14


Report 2:webサイトリニューアル


Report 3:新しいウォレット

先日フォーラム( https://discourse.koto.cash/ )にて、プルリクエストは歓迎するという結論が出たこともあり、多くの方からプルリクエストをいただいています。メインとなるKotoSwingUIwalletに加えてウェブウォレットもあり、軽量ウォレットであるElectrumのbeta versionも公開しています。( https://electrum.kotocoin.info/ )ただしKotoの特色であるZアドレスは非対応です。

Report 4:Discord BOT


Report 5:DiscordのFAQが充実


Report 6:上場に関して






Hi, this is Koto Development Team. Finally we have been caught up with ZCash ver 1.0.14. We report about that and what we are working on.

Report 1 : Koto 1.0.14 and 1.0.15

Current latest version is 1.0.14 and we are already working on 1.0.15. It supports all of Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Report 2 : Renewing Website

Along with Koto 1.0.14, we have renewed our website. Please check it out!

Report 3 : New Wallet

We used to have two wallets, KotoSwingWallet and MakeWallet, and some people kindly sent us a Pull Request. In addition, we released Electrum, which is lightweight wallet as beta version. Please note that it is still in beta and doesn’t support Z address.

Report 4 : Discord Bot

Discord Bot has been released by Limit#1844. You can tip Koto for someone and get current price of Koto with it. It is still in development and new feature will be implemented as soon as possible.

Report 5:Substantial FAQ in Discord

Thanks to questions you asked, FAQ is enhanced day by day. We would like you to look at FAQ in Discord before asking. If nevertheless your problem is not solved, please feel free to ask us!

Report 6:About Listing

We have finished researching about exchanges and became able to take action for listing. However, considering the instability of Koto development base, we judged that hasty listing is not necessarily beneficial for Koto community. Therefore, we are sorry for people who want listing but we would not take any action for listing besides researching and concentrate on development for the time belong.

As you know, we don’t have any compulsory to block listing and actually Koto has already been listed on JamBTC.

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