How to get back into your New Year Health Kick

Ok, we’ve all been there — midnight strikes and suddenly… ZING! You’re a brand new you. You’re healthier, fitter and make good life choices.

For about a day.

Then it’s back to hangovers, skipping the gym and eating that takeaway you shouldn’t eat and definitely can’t afford.

By February most people have already dropped most of their New Year Resolutions. So here’s how to get back into it and keep it up!

Buddy Up

Friends who work out together stay together

Self-motivation can be tough — it’s one of the reasons most resolutions fall apart after a couple of weeks. So pick a friend who helps you keep active! Go running together and help push each other. This way you can also learn new exercises from one another and take turns spotting on the weights. Maybe you can even wear cute matching outfits…?

Get Someone To Push You

Left, right, left, right…

Attention! Kick start your workout routine with a gruelling day at boot camp. After a day there you’ll suddenly find the gym a lot less daunting! Or you can learn a new hobby like surfing. Fun and good for you — where’s the downside?

Invest In It

Make sure you bring a working pen

It’s proven that if you put some money in to something you’re more likely to stick with it. So join a gym — think of the direct debit payment as a monthly reminder to exercise! Plus it’s an excuse to buy those trainers you’ve wanted for ages.

All Healthy All The Time

Wakey wakey!

Don’t set aside time to be healthy — do it all the time! That way you can’t put anything off. Wearing a fitness tracker is an easy way to keep track of all your movements and make yourself feel proud of what you do. A hot tip — swap sodas for delicious vegetable and fruit juices are a simple way to get all those amazing vitamins and minerals into your diet without having to think about it.

We hope this helps! You can do it!

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