Giving Value On Social Media

The best way to build a brand is by telling a story about your remarkable product, while also finding creative ways to give value to people. Remember, successful branding is not a sprint, but a marathon. At the end of that marathon the goal is to have given so much value to a person that you become a trusted-connection for them. If you do that, then word-of-mouth will take over, work its magic and drive sales for your brand.

There are plenty of ways to give people value, but one of the most effective ways (which also happens to be one of the lowest hanging fruits available for marketers) is to use social media.

People are spending incredible amounts of time on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Yik-Yak, Snapchat and all over. Social Media platforms act as the plumbing for word-of-mouth to navigate in our culture.

People find out what to talk about on these platforms.

That is a big deal and is exactly why every business should be finding ways to active on these platforms. There is just a ton of value in building awareness precisely where people are finding out about what things to talk about. Not only is it word-of-mouth heaven, but social media also allows your business to:

  • scale larger!
  • reach people outside of your location!
  • target your story to specific groups of people!
  • build personal and lasting relationships with people!
  • tell tons of different stories on different platforms in tons of different media-types (video, micro-video, written content, audio, etc.)!
  • get your message in-front of physical eyeballs (as opposed to the interruption-style ads, which just piss people off and everybody learns to ignore)!

These are some very attractive characteristics for any type of business looking to give value, but especially for a small, local joint. Especially because having a strong social media presence is not that difficult to pull off.

Example Time

Lets go through a quick example. Imagine you run a local bakery, lets just call them “Muffin Tops” for fun, and were looking to give value and build trust online. It would make a ton of sense for your brand to be active on Pinterest, Instagram and even Snapchat (if you want to get creative). On Pinterest, “Muffin Tops” should curate a few boards that have some of the best baking recipes in all of the Pinterest world. Maybe start including some recipes of their own and start taking some beautiful Instagram pictures to go along with them. It would also make a ton of sense for “Muffin Tops’” to put out a daily pin of their little “Muffin Top” brand muffins with the recipe overlaying the Pinterest image.

Something along these lines could really do wonders for our hypothetical “Muffin Tops” bakery.

Once people started trying these recipes, they would find out how delicious these muffin tops truly are. Then soon enough these recipe-testers would begin to look at “Muffin Tops” as one of the best bakeries in town. They would all think, “Damn! If all of their Pinterest recipes are this good, I can’t imagine how good the fresh-out-the-oven ones from the store must be.” People would start to become walking advocates for “Muffin Tops’” muffins and whenever somebody wants a delicious morning pastry, an army of people would be quick to butt-in to the conversation and suggest you try “Muffin Tops”, because if somebody is gonna have a muffin, it might as well be the most trusted, delicious, and guaranteed to deliver muffin in town.

This is just a quick example of what giving value on social media looks like and how it can drive results for your brand. Social media gives your brand a chance to build relationships with both an endless amount of people and with people who may have never even been inside your physical store. PLUS, people are actually spending time on these things! Social media is currently the best tool a marketer has. Don’t waste it.

I write stories like this on Medium because branding and W.O.M. marketing are incredibly interesting to me. If you find them interesting as well, feel free to get in touch with me and we can chat. Thanks for reading☺.