Leonardo DiCaprio vs. The Academy of Motion Picture

Leonardo DiCaprio is an extraordinary actor who started his acting career when he was very young. Born in Los Angeles, California in 1974, DiCaprio has received critical acclaim for his impressive broad range of film genres. He appeared in approximately 30 outstanding films including What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Romeo and Juliet, Titanic, Inception, the Revenant and much more. Throughout his whole life, DiCaprio concentrated his time on improving his passion for acting.

Today, Leonardo DiCaprio is considered one of the most outstanding actor in the film industry. His performances are taken to another level and received many nominations in regard of his achievements.

However, for many years Leonardo DiCaprio did not win an Oscar from the Academy of Motion Picture. Obviously, when it is time for the Academy Awards, the Internet blows up and people tweets and blogs about how Leonardo DiCaprio should of won an Oscar.

Nonetheless of the public’s anger, the internet created a collection of memes about his situation. In our present-day, we can still find hilarious memes about DiCaprio not winning an Oscar.

For years, the internet was creating these memes about him. Yet, in 2016 Leonardo DiCaprio won his first ever Oscar. That means that all these funny pictures weren't accurate anymore.

Most of the public/internet was thrilled to find out that the most deserved actor just one his first Oscar. For the Internet that meant that it was time to create new updated memes about this crucial night. That evening, the internet exploded with millions of Oscar inspired memes with Leonardo DiCaprio.

After that night, i’ve never seen so many people celebrating another’s success! Ultimately, what we learned about him is that:

  1. Success is not about winning things: Success is the hard work and dedication you put in.
  2. Success requires perseverance: Leonardo DiCaprio waited at least 30 years for that special day to come. That means if one day you want success, you have to commit your life to what you want to do. Success will never happen overnight.
  3. Success requires community: Just like in his speech, DiCaprio acknowledges the people who helped him throughout his acting career. We cannot have success on our own, others around us will inspire and empower us one day.

Enjoy this well-made gif about Leonardo’s journey to Success:

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