the realm traveler

I close my eyes for only a moment. Then I go to a different realm. This realm that I travel repetitively is a darkness realm Made of death, darkness, and catastrophe. Ive traveled to this realm before. Ive seen what happens here. The realm itself calls me back. In here Ive faced death; Ive faced demons and vampires. Ive faced more in the supernatural world than I can name.

My name is Asher. I tell you my name because then at least you recognize my story as a traveler. This curse was given to everyone in my family. My dad does it, my little sister will once shes old enough and my mother does it and so did my ancestors.

I started traveling when I was ten. Im thirteen now. The first time I traveled I was scared. I didnt know where I was. All I saw was fire, red eyes, and black eyes. I didnt know how to get away until my dad told me. Then when I traveled the second time I left that dark realm. I went to a different realm but yet the dark one called me back again and again. It seems I dont Get a choice where I go.

I was in bed trying to think on where I would want to go, which realm I want to be in when I closed my eyes. I hadnt meant to but yet the dark place called me back. The dark realm called me getting me closer and closer.

this story is just one of many that i write. its not done yet but its a sample

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