Here’s The Powerful Letter The Stanford Victim Read To Her Attacker
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Every word of this letter cries in exceeding pain, trauma, disgust, agony. distrust and grief! I can not accept the silly and laughable sentence of 6 months the intellectual judge handed out to the accused. He deserves to go in for 14 years — period! If the Judge was so bloody concerned about the future of a young swimmer, what about the future of the young girl who was mauled and butchered by a human animal. Money and power can buy justice is what is proven at the end of this sentence. That Judge was inhuman, that probation officer was inhuman, that prosecutor was inhuman as was the various media houses publishing minute facts of a Rape! I wonder what would have been the reaction of any one of these intellectuals had the victim been one of their very own? More than that misbegotten accused, I would directly blame these elements of intellectuals, who fail to hand out adequate punishment that would act as a deterrent to others probing for similar events. A girl’s future has been shattered and the blind justice sees merit in the bloody future of an accused and none whatsoever with the victim! Strange….is this world. My heartfelt sympathies to this darling girl who withstood the damn system and highlighted her point to the world. I stand by her, encourage her to be herself, motivate her to achieve her aspirations, carry on with life the way it was before that godforsaken day and stand up with defiance to the various injustices meted out against women by a segment of the male society who see light at the end of the tunnel by the encouragement received from such types of Judges, Prosecutors, Probation Officers and Medias !!! I am proud of you, dear girl.

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