CPE Cell to present ‘CCET Project Technology’ in Singapore

This article first appeared in this Korean press release.

CPE Cell, which boasts outstanding technology in the field of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) business development and consulting, was able to attend the “Asia Pacific Carbon Forum 2018”. At this event, CPE Cell introduced to the audience, consisting of climate change industry leaders, their new blockchain-based emission credit trading system (CCET Project).

The Forum

The Asia Pacific Carbon Forum (APCF) is an essential forum for global dialogue on climate, investments and markets related to climate and global warming. This platform enables finance, business, technology and policy leaders to get together and discuss climate-related investments and policies. Representatives from various industry sectors meet and present innovative new ways to identify and strengthen relevant investment and market needs in order to address climate change issues. This year, the Asia Pacific Carbon Forum was hosted by the Singapore government and jointly organized by the UNFCCC, World Bank Group, IGES and IETA.

CCET Project

At this forum, the CCET Project was being presented to the industry leaders. CCET Project is the world’s first blockchain-based trading platform for CERs (Certified Emission Reductions), a carbon market mechanism in accordance with Article 6 of the Paris Agreement 2015. This technology promises vast improvements in:

  • Activation of new renewable energy and eco-friendly transportation means
  • Development and introduction of new technologies such as internet, Big Data and AI into the CER industry
  • Development of healthy blockchain and distributed technology for public interest and CER trading

Even with all these ambitious goals, CCET made clear that they put a lot of focus on building long-lasting business with sustainable growth. Also, CPE Cell has announced the goal of the project and the wide range of explanations on how they manage to build this ecosystem with the Digitial Automatic Exchange as their core technology.

Key representatives attending the presentation

  • Stefano De Clara (International Policy Officer, International Emissions Trading Association IETA)
  • Jun-Yeon Byun (Chairman of CCET Project, Former Vice President of Korea Electric Power)
  • Jae-Soo Yoo (Founder & Technical Director of CCET Project)
  • Kenneth Jung (Executive Director of CCET Project)
  • Jimmy Park (Researcher of EAN Technology)