Meet the Team: Jun Yeon Byun

In this series of articles, we want to introduce the people behind the CCET Project. One-by-one we will discover more about the individual team members, what their interested in and why/what they work on at CCET Project.

After we have introduced Jae Soo Yoo (Paul), we now want to turn to Jun Yeon Byun, who is acting as chairman at CCET Project.

Jun Yeon Byun (Chairman, CCET)

What is your background and field of interest?

KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corporation), one of the largest public energy corporations in Asia. I have engaged in various energy-related fields such as design, construction and operation of domestic and overseas power plants for 36 years, and I have realized that the world is still suffering from energy shortage. Therefore, it triggered my interest on overcoming the energy shortage and contributing to energy independence, and furthermore to the development of related industries.

How and why did you end up at CCET?

Two major threats facing the globe are rapid global warming and energy depletion. Energy shortage due to limited natural resources and associated problem in the environment cannot be ignored anymore. Now I approached to the moment to join the CCET Project that can contribute to both urgent crisis for preserving the planet and securing sustainable energy.

What exactly are you doing at CCET?

During my tenure at KEPCO, the company has achieved annual overseas sales of KRW 3 trillion and has been recognized as the top foreign expert in nuclear and thermal power fields at home and abroad. Based on this experience, I have accumulated will be leading the CCET project in consideration with the two major axes of greenhouse gas and block chains, and will contribute to the prevention of global warming and the development of the fourth industry.

What is your biggest achievement so far?

As head of the North Korea light water reactor project, I visited North Korea more than 30 times and led negotiations with North Korea and contributed greatly to the improvement of inter-Korean relations. I was awarded the Golden Tower Industry Medal, the highest award of the Republic of Korea in recognition of my success in exporting nuclear power plants to the United Arab Emirates. Through the unique experience, I realized that all great achievements should be accompanied with diverse co-operations and participations. Since then, I have built a bond of important human network and I believe that can help to lift up the CCET Project together.

What are you most excited about regarding the future of CCET?

Until now, dozens of technologies and policies are made to fix the global warming. Neither of the methods, however, were not tempting enough to bring the interest to the globe until blockchain technology was presented to world. The most exciting part of CCET is to enable the global citizen to choose green options in energy and transportation sector under blockchained carbon trading platform. I am convinced that CCET will become the world’s first and efficient ecosystem to trade carbon credits that are generated by cutting-edge technology. It will prevent the rapid global warming, the most urgent threat of our era after the Industrial Revolution.

What are your personal interests / hobbies / etc.?

Though I have been driving for 30 years, I walked through the hundreds of alleys in Gangnam area, such as Teheran, Samsung, and Dosan, for 30 ~ 40 minutes every day. I feel the charming beauty of the walking street in my country and I am also taking good health.
My hobbies are sports, so I played soccer with my youth and now I play tennis and golf. And when time goes by, I like to go to see musicals, movies and plays with my family. Finally, my favorite song is “Reason for Existence” by Kim Jong-hwan’s.