Cinematic Wedding Filmmaker Kit

Sony A7Sii Camera

Amazing sensor stabilization, 4k image quality and low light capabilities all in a tiny body. Watch my camera review video on YouTube.

Sony 16–35mm f/4 Lens

Covers all wide-angle shots and is perfect on a three-axis gimbal.

Sony 55mm f/1.8 Lens

My go-to “bokeh lens” for beautiful shots because it opens to f/1.8.

Sony 70–200mm Lens

Sniper lens great for long shots during the ceremony and reception toasts.

Rode VideoMic Pro Plus

On camera microphone with a rechargeable battery, recording level settings and a huge windscreen cover. The best feature of this brand new microphone is that it powers on and off with the camera meaning you’ll never forget to turn on your microphone when recording or accidentally drain the battery by leaving it on.

Sony A7Sii Battery

These batteries are used up quickly so make sure to have at least three per camera and have a charging base camp set up somewhere safe.

Sony A7Sii Battery Charger

Charges Sony camera batteries. Powered by micro USB so you can plug it into a portable USB brick. Includes two extra camera batteries.

Screen Protector for Sony A7Sii

Totally worth it. Guards against scratches and increases the chances of selling it used.

SanDisk SD Card

4K resolution ready card large enough for an entire day of shooting at 100MB/s. I’m a fan on just putting one card in each camera and not worrying about them until the end of the shoot. The only times I’ve messed up was formatting cards I thought didn’t have footage. Make sure to hand out cards to additional shooters that way they just have to hand them back at the end of the night. Waiting for data transfers onto a hard drive are unnecessary.

Think Tank SD Card Wallet

Keep your empty and full cards safe and organized.

Leather Canvas Shoulder Bag

I wear this throughout most of the wedding. I like the padding and dividers that way I can keep lenses without their caps on. This allows me to swap quickly. I keep my batteries, water, snack and memory cards with me as well.

Sirui Locking Monopod

Does the job of both a monopod and tripod in one effective piece of gear because it can lock its base. Watch my review video on YouTube.

Manfrotto Carbon Fiber Tripod

The best tripod for your money. Excellent strength and height.

Zhiyun Crane 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal

Smaller, cheaper and easier than a Ronin. Can get you better shots than a Glidecam. Better than an OSMO because you’re not mixing camera types. Watch my review video on YouTube.

Manfrotto Rapid Release Plate

Attach this to the handheld gimbal plate to hold your camera.

Edelkrone SliderPLUS PRO Medium

The perfect slider for a minimal kit. The track is totally long enough for any shot. Make sure to put a Manfrotto head on top and plate on the bottom so that you can put it on your tripod. Move the camera slower than you think you should! Watch my review video on YouTube.

Manfrotto Tripod Head

A smaller size than the next step up yet all of the fluid control you need while shooting with DSLR-sized cameras. I put one of these on my Sirui monopod, my Manfrotto Carbon Fiber tripod and one on my Edelkrone slider.

Tenba Support Roller

My favorite support roller. Fully stocked and can still be checked on an airplane at around 50 pounds.

Tascam DR-10X

Tiny recorder that handles any board audio or wireless receiver unit recording during the day of the wedding like during the ceremony or toasts. Attach a XLR to 1/4" adapter and then plug in your 1/4" to 1/4" cable. Make sure to turn on dual record, auto levels, limiter and low cut. Always make sure to have mic sensitivity to low when recording a line-signal like mixer or receiver unit. Put a 32GB micro SD card in here and use rechargeable AAA batteries. For extra power safety power via USB micro into a portable USB battery brick. Watch my review video on YouTube.

Sandisk 32GB Micro SD Card

Will hold more than a full day's worth of audio in WAV format. Put these cards in the Tascam DR-10X and the Tascam DR-10L audio devices.

XLR to 1/4" Adapter

For use with your Tascam DR-10X. Plug the XLR end into your Tascam and then plug in your 1/4" to 1/4" cable into the 1/4" end.

1/4" to 1/4" Audio Cable

Connects the DJ’s board or wireless reciever to your Tascam DR-60mkii.

Rechargeable AAA Batteries

Put these in your Tascam audio recorder.

Eneloop Battery Charger

Use this to charge your AA and AAA eneloop batteries.

Tascam DR-10L Audio Recorder

Perfect solution for on-person audio. I have three of these for each wedding. Watch my review video on YouTube.

Vinyl Zipper Bags

The dopest clear bags for all of your audio stuff. I legit have like 8 and use them for everything small.

Dedolight LED

A portable, battery powered, bi-color light that can change from focused to wide light. Perfect for reception toasts and dancing. Attach a Sony battery adapter plate and barn doors.

Dedolight Barndoors

Helps to block the spill light. Attaches to your Dedolight LED.

Large Sony Batteries

Portable power for your dedolight and torch LEDs.

Dedolight Battery Adapter

Turns your Dedolight LED into a portable light. Put the large Sony batteries here.

Manfrotto Light Stand

Great size to height ratio. I have three of these stands and use them for all of my lights.

Large Sony Battery Charger

Charges all light batteries.

Tenba Wrap

I like to put my Dedolight inside this wrap. It keeps it safe and is minimal. I use the 16 inch version.

Torch LED

A minimal little light that packs a punch for wedding reception speeches and detail shots. Uses Sony batteries. Can change the intensity and color of the light easily. Comes with a battery and charger.

DJI Mavic Pro

Great drone for wedding filmmakers because everything you need can fit into a normal backpack. It’s all about having the tool in the moment. The quality is totally fine for experienced flyers who know how to frame, expose and color in post. Watch my review video on YouTube.

Sandisk 64 GB Micro SD Card

Use this in your DJI Mavic Pro drone to get that crispy 4K footage.

DJI Mavic Pro Aerial Filters

ND4, ND8, ND16 and Polarizer Filter Set. Use during the day to maintain a less jittery shutter speed.

DJI Mavic Battery

I recommend having three batteries in total. They all fit perfectly inside the polar pro case in this kit as well.

DJI Mavic Soft Case

Holds both your drone, controller and a few batteries.

Apple 13.3" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

This is my only computer. I chose a MBP over a more powerful/cheaper desktop like the iMac because I value portability and minimalism. The upgraded RAM and processor gives me a noticeable boost in editing/rendering/processing speed compared to my previous late 2013 MBP. The touch bar is actually an improvement and I find myself using it mainly for music control but am finding more and more moments where it’s helpful. The improved speakers allow me to not have to have any attached speaker. The USB-C ports are very fast and it wasn’t that hard to upgrade my devices. The 13-inch version is the perfect size for a backpack and large enough for editing. Lastly, the 1TB hard drive was a huge improvement and allows me to edit my current FCPX projects directly off the computer without the need for an attached SSD drive. Watch my review video on YouTube.

Curved UltraWide Monitor

The biggest, baddest CURVED display in the land. Watch my video review on YouTube. The shape of this monitor makes it perfect for timeline-based video editing.

Bose Speakers

Perfect along with your curved monitor.

Apple Magic Keyboard

Important to have if you are connecting your Macbook Pro into an external monitor because it will most likely be closed shut. Love being able to re-charge simply by plugging the device into a lightning cable. Perfect size.

Apple Magic Mouse 2

Important if you’re connecting your Macbook Pro into an external monitor because the laptop will be shut. Fantastic mouse with touch controls. The bluetooth is super responsive and it can be re-charged via lightning cable which is super easy.

USB-C Media Hub

Use with my MBP for mainly SD cards. The smallest, high quality hub that I could find. Has everything I need other than maybe Thunderbolt but whatever.

5TB External Hard Drive

I use this 5TB drive to backup any files that I want to keep safe and archive. I don’t edit off this drive. USB-C makes for fast transfers.

Bose Wireless Headphones

The perfect headphones. Once I went wireless, there was never any chance I would go back to wires. I love the sleek black minimal design. The case it comes with is dope. The noise cancelling effect is fantastic, especially on flights. The sound quality is great.

Portable USB Battery

This is the perfect travel companion for iPhone users. This gives me a few chargers and keeps my phone powered for an entire day. I love having the cable built into the body. Fits easy inside my pocket.

Leatherman Tool

You never know when you’ll need this knife/flat edge tool. Bridesmaids ask me if I have scissors or a knife to cut tags almost every wedding I shoot. Don’t try to fly with this in your carry on though!

Gaffer Tape

You never know how and when you’ll need this on any shoot. Tape audio devices to the top of speakers, tape down loose cables, tape an audio recorder to another handheld microphone, ect.

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