Deltu — the upset robot

Alexia Lechot
4 min readOct 21, 2016

Deltu is a delta robot with a strong personality that interact with humans through two iPads.

Depending on his mood, it plays with you but if you make too much mistakes, Deltu just might get upset and decide to ignore you. Frustrated, Deltu will leave the game and take some selfies to post them on Instagram.

Image by Younès Klouches

You can follow Deltu on instagram, Facebook, or twitter :) @Deltudelta

Selfie posted on instagram by Deltu (me and Deltu)

Deltu post himself all its selfies on instagram, twitter and Facebook simultaneously.

Software / Hardware

It’s two Unity applications. The application of the human(on human’s iPad) sends HTTP request to the computer. And then there is a Python server that sends the string through the serial to the Arduino uno.





Developed by Alexia lechot at ECAL.

The relationship we have with robots/AI that have been created to enhance our performance, but have become a source of learning, is unique and exciting. The android’s place in society has not yet been defined and remains to be determined; for me it is the best source of inspiration.

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