Attorney Jeff Herman tries to bury own devastating sexual abuse accusations

Jeffrey Herman

-Self-styled “trial lawyer specializing in representing victims of sexual abuse” deletes embarrassing information from his own Wikipedia page

-Two Hollywood executives accused him of “trolling for new clients” in the entertainment industry

-Jeff Herman himself has been accused of sexual battery by his young receptionist in 1998

The self-styled attorney for victims of sexual abuse, Jeffrey Herman of Boca Raton (FL), has repeatedly attempted to delete embarrassing information from his own Wikipedia page.

The revelation comes after Herman’s office was found to have deleted all references to his 2014 sexual assault cases against three Hollywood figures — TV executives Garth Ancier and David Neuman and X-Men director Bryan Singer– on behalf of former child model and one-time actor Michael Egan. Self-editing is forbidden by Wikipedia to keep entries neutral.

Herman and Egan lost all three cases, and Herman was counter-sued by Neuman and Ancier. The parties settled out of court for an unspecified seven-figure sum and a written apology by Herman.

Ancier and Neuman released a statement accompanying their action, saying: “[This was a] very public campaign by Mr Egan’s counsel to troll for new clients who would enable them to shake down other entertainment industry executives with threats or sexual assault charges.”

Egan was sent to federal prison for two years on fraud charges in 2015.

The reference to the Ancier, Neuman and Singer cases was deleted on 22 February by an “unknown” user at IP address, however the host of this IP is — Herman’s law firm in Florida — on AT&T.

The revelation further tarnishes Herman’s image as the first port of call for victims of sexual abuse, which has recently taken another substantial hit.

The Hollywood Reporter made public a devastating police report from 1998, filed at the Plantation (FL) Police Department, accusing Herman of sexual battery of his then-assistant. The report was filed by the former partner of the woman, who also tipped off The Hollywood Reporter.

The detailed report reveals how the assistant was lured to Herman’s private residence on the pretense of a business meeting, but was quickly thrown on his bed in an attempt to savagely rape her. The woman continued to refuse, and according to the report, Herman “took her hand, and put it on his p****. At that time, he said’ just finish me off’.”

When The Hollywood Reporter contacted Herman for comment on the report, he stalled before mumbling “Oh crap”. The entertainment industry news outlet has made the sound recording of the phone conversation public as well.

Herman is financially struggling and still owes the Inland Revenue Service $246,570, as per a lien filed on 7 March in Palm Beach County Circuit Court. This was the fourth lien is as many years served on Herman, for a total tax debt of almost $2 million.

Last year, First American Bank filed a case for foreclosure of a Boca Raton property against Herman and associate Laurence Schneider in the same court.

In 2009, Herman was barred from practicing law in Florida for 18 months after he hired an employee from one of his clients in an attempt to set up a rival business to his client.