Friday Estimate
Mike Dang

Yay Weekend Estimate!

Tonight I am going to a friend’s house for tacos and have been tasked with bringing chips and salsa ($8 estimated).

Saturday brings minor car repairs and an oil change (I really have no idea - I bought the latch kit to replace the broken door handle mechanism in the front driver’s side door, so that is limited to labor costs, but now we also need the back passenger door mechanism fixed, so who knows. $150? $200? Don’t buy a 2007 Ford Focus). On Saturday night my roller derby league is hosting a fundraising pep rally, and I get in for free but will purchase drinks (limiting myself to two beers, since I have practice in the morning, $12 including tip).

On Sunday I have all-league practice and then will clean/knit/work on my New Year’s resolution to watch more kung fu movies.

Total estimate: $170 if my car repair is on the low end of my estimate.