Best B2B Lead Generations Strategies for 2018

Many B2B companies are working hard to get great results for every campaign they run using social media, SEO, landing pages & email marketing. Running a successful campaign using social media, SEO, landing pages & email marketing is never easy without proper strategy and perfect execution. Planning your approach and context is essential to get desired results for B2B Companies.

On the other hand, in many cases B2B firms have good inbound traffic but somehow keeps losing the leads. This happens because of the leaky bucket effect. What is Leaky bucket? Check out the video below:

Many B2B marketers bring in the leads into the leaky bucket but their efforts go in vain. To have a really good funnel, they will need to plug the holes in the funnel.

Lead generation in the B2B space can be confusing for marketers. The data that you find online says email is the best way to generate leads, some say its SEO. Then there is social media and content. With these data the marketers are always in a state of confusion on what will be the ideal channel to work on.

I believe the likely answer is to do with the target audience, Marketers need to be very clear on who their target is before implementing any strategy. Building the target persona is very critical factor that determines the success of your campaign.

Once you have defined your Target Persona, lets dive into the tactics that will work in 2018:

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing still tops the of many marketers when it comes to B2B lead generation strategies. Now the trend in email marketing that has generation results is marketing automation. Here is a video by Ian Johnson that will help you to run a effective email campaign.

2. Content Marketing

Marketers needs to create content targeting long tail keywords. For example, you are a Software company working on open source technologies. If you target Software development company as your keyword you get 114,000,000 results on Appearing on the search engine is very difficult due to the competitiveness around that term.

A better approach would be to create content focused on long-tail keywords like open source software development company.

The content with long-tail keyword can be a blog post, presentation, webinar or a video.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media is an effective distribution channel. B2B companies do rate social media as ineffective. Why? Because they do get the results. Why don’t they the results? Because they do not have a proper social media marketing plan. Here is a video by on “how to create a social media marketing plan for B2B”

The most preferred social media platform for B2B leads is Linkedin. Since you have the target persona defined, Linkedin provides the tools to reach out directly.

4. Webinar

Webinar is a great source to generate potential prospects list. Over 60% of marketers are using webinars as part of their content marketing programs. A well-planned webinar can do wonders, the crucial part which most of the B2B marketers miss out is Post Webinar list nurturing and engagement. Here is a video that will help you promote your Webinar.

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