Kridha Residency- A Luxury Hotels of Devotion And Hospitality

Once Radhanath Swami said “When love awakens in our heart then selfless service is attained”, which illustrates that true love is about serving eternal love without expectation. Kridha residency is an association of Krishna glamour filled with charm, temptation and Radha’s true dedication, selfless love and service. One of the best and among luxury hotels in Mathura, Vrindavan is set in the nucleus of the city and is brick epitome of Krishna machismo and Radha conjure.

Since the inception of Kridha Residency in 2011, Hotel Kridha residency is like an eternal bliss for the pilgrims and travelers. The hotels understand the psyche of pilgrims and groom the devotional atmosphere around them with an iota of tranquility and devotion. The Pilgrim can mediate on Bhakti yoga and release the air of spirituality as the hotel is geared with multiple speakers. Bhajans, devotional songs in a light noise keep the spiritual momentum going on. You can list hotels Vrindavan near ISKCON Temple .

Special attention is paid to dissecting minute details for rooms/ suites at Kridha Residency. The services can be compared with the best in the business with high quality décor and furniture. The décor of every room is disparate depicting various personalities of Krishna and Radha. Every room/ suite has different paintings of Krishna and Radha because every pilgrim is different and discerns Krishna love in his unique way.

Krishna gave the quote “Atithi Devo Bhava”, after his friend Sudama with low morale visited him in Dwaraka. Krishna explained him a guest is like God and no one is above than God neither any priest, sage nor King. So service to guest with generosity, love and selfless service can even wash the deeper stains. Kridha also took a leaf from Krishna’s book and treated every as Krishna himself. Kridha provide opulence with tranquility without losing the weight of the pocket much. It is under your budget and list hotels in Vrindavan.

The hospitality is like home, cozy with an iota of relaxation and no hesitation, just like another home of the voyager. The staff puts its best foot forward, when it comes to service and hospitality. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are served by dedicated room service staff. Security is the biggest priority above, the hotel is monitored by CCTV every time, and even the inkling of jeopardy can’t unsettle the voyager. Every room is equipped with AC, safety lockers, 32 inches LCD TV, mini bar, refrigerator and writing desk. So much facility at an affordable price makes it among the cheap hotels in Mathuura, Vrindavan.

Hotel Kridha Room

Hotel Kridha Residency provides various types of rooms/ suites, Including:-

Ø Deluxe room with balcony

Ø Executive room with wide balcony

Ø Shree Radhe Rani Suite equipped with three bed rooms and spacious private area

Ø Shree Yamuna Maharani Suite equipped with three bed rooms and lounge area, terrace facing Yamuna and green forest

Ø Shree Balram Suite equipped with four bed rooms with private lounge, balcony with natural landscape and parking facility

Ø Shree Krishna grand villa equipped with four bed rooms with 02 level lounge, private dining, kitchen with butler service and parking facility

It is among the prominent hotels near Bankey Bihari temple, the outmost temple and a plethora of temples like Govinda Dev Temple, Sri Ranganatha temple, etc. Kridha Residence location in topography is not much far from Mathura, the birth place of Lord Krishna.