INVESTY — The Best Trading Solution For New Millennium

All new and inexperienced investors in cryptocurrencies face the same problems and the main question they ask is -Where to invest? There are so many coins, tokens, and ICOs on the market at this moment that is simply impossible even for an experienced trader to make a smart decision and make a good investment.

This problem is a too big obstacle for the majority of people so they often choose not to make an investment in cryptocurrency market because they don’t have knowledge or time to investigate all offers and possibilities. This is even more emphasized because the crypto market is changing fast with big fluctuations making risk high same as potential profit so it could happen for a new and inexperienced investor to lose all of his money with just a few wrong investing decisions.

The logical solution would be to invest in some of the cryptocurrency funds offering their services on the market today. The problem here is that on this new and unregulated market lot of funds don’t offer quality they are promoting so usually you can not be sure is your money going in the right hands. So there is still a significant risk for your money involved in this solution.

And what if I tell you that there is a better option?

The name is — INVESTY!

Investy is not just a basic decentralized investing platform for cryptocurrencies, Investy is much more than that. With Investy you can choose to invest in cryptocurrencies, funds, portfolios and private traders (YES YOU CAN INVEST IN PRIVATE TRADERS) is a safe and transparent way. It is developed as a single marketplace for all potential investors with a possibility of monitoring effectiveness of the real-time management. The platform is providing absolute security of investors money and guarantees a bonus for the successful trading of its best users.

So let me give you one example:

You heard from your friend Mike that if you brought some Bitcoins a few years ago today you would be a millionaire so you decided to check that story and find out more about crypto so you could invest and make some money. After googling for few hours and going deep in that crypto rabbit hole you are so overwhelmed by everything that it seems impossible to be smart enough to become cryptocurrencies investor. So you just run away from all that: HODL, MOONING, 12000%, MINING and decide to invest in something simpler.


You just start using INVESTY.

  • This platform is user-friendly so you as a newbie don’t have any problem understanding it. (Check the demo here:
  • Just easily transfer your fiat money in cryptocurrencies and you can be 100% sure that all your founds are safe and protected by INVESTY Expert System.
  • It is up to you to choose the managers that you will invest in, based on the history of their trades and with certainty that all their data is reliable and not falsified because it is stored on the blockchain.
  • There is no need to take a risk by transferring any money to some unknown managers or suspicious funds. INVESTY is using “Coldmethod” so all your money stays in your wallet.
  • Become successful by choosing good managers any enjoy not just your portfolio profits but also bonuses from other users of INVESTY platform.

This is just introduction blog for this smart and simple investing idea and I will write about it in more details when the token sale starts. INVESTY already made his presale and token sale will start in November so be ready for it. The trading beta platform is going to be launched in February and INVESTY team will continue platform development through 2018.

For more info about INVESTY:

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