Development of blockchain technology is making significant changes in different areas of our lives. The main ones that this influence is going effect in a revolutionary way are social media and advertising. We will see this changes especially through:

  • Ownership of created digital content.
  • Privacy and anonymity of individuals.
  • Monetization and profit from personal data and content.

In the years to come, we can expect that old centralized social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter are going to experience great changes or start slowly dying. Why would future generations use this kind of platforms when they have an option using something better, more transparent, and potentially profitable for them. One of the projects in this interesting area is Robin8, and it looks promising.

What is Robin8?

Robin8 in blockchain based platform powered by their Profile Utility Token. The main idea behind this project is empowering users of the Robin8 platform by providing them ownership over all data and content they create. By doing this, all users of the platform can profit from tokenization and monetization of their complete social media presence. What this means is that the more popular profile owner is, or the more influence he has on social media, the more profit he can make just by creating what he likes.

The Robin8 team started project development by connecting advertisers with profiles of social media influencers and offering them advertising space for their adds. This is just a beginning of platform development, and in the future, there will be much more tools offered by Robin8. The platform is using the power of artificial intelligence, and it is backed by blockchain technology to provide transparency, security and lower the expenses for all parties involved.

“The people are media!”

There is one short sentence that I found the most important in the explaining importance of this social media revolution:

“The Robin8 platform offers a new advertising channel where people are media.”

Such a big transfer of power and importance is contained in just these four words — The people are media!

Imagine all that centralized power in the hands of few is now being redistributed over hundreds of millions of “small” people based fairly on their influence, appreciation of the community and capability of creating relevant and interesting content. I am not saying that Robin8 will be the only platform providing this, but by entering this new uprising market so early, it will surely be one of its pioneers. We could expect that if this team delivers everything promised from their roadmap through 2018 Robin8 could become successful and profitable for all investors in this ICO phase.

The Robin8 team is opening their ICO in 6 days, so you have enough time to make your due diligence and make a decision on investing in this project. There is still much more details and interesting things about this project that I will write about after ICO is open. Until then I encourage you to check Robin8 through their website and social media platforms, plus to read their well written 27 pages long whitepaper that will help you in making your investment decision.