TOKENBOX (ICO) — All trading crypto tools in one place.

Reading Tokenbox whitepaper makes you realize that this team is creating a really powerful tool for crypto traders and that they are trying to merge all important trading accessories in one superb platform. Must say that I have been waiting for something like this for some time. Having a big number of wallets and exchanges with dozens of keys, pins, and locks and then have all of them protected can be really frustrating and time-consuming. I can’t wait for Tokenbox to come out so I can organize my crypto life! And this is just one segment of Tokenbox project. Let me tell you more about other ones…

What is Tokenbox?

Tokenbox platform is an ecosystem that brings together crypto-currency funds under the management of professional portfolio managers and traders on the one hand and investors on the other. The technical solutions offered by Tokenbox enable investors to choose among a big number of legal and audited funds for their money to invest in a safe and profitable manner. It is also giving a superb platform for portfolio managers and traders to receive “ready to go” solution and possibility to create their own tokenized founds.

There are still numerous advantages that will attract traders on Tokenbox platform:

  • Traders and funds will lower their legal cost by usage of Tokenbox platform.
  • A user-friendly trading environment with a maximal number of trading options.
  • Possibility to create your own tokenized fund. Investors could purchase, store and nature tokens to maturity with a possibility to put them on the exchanges.
  • Multi Wallet for all main cryptocurrencies and tokens with two possible types — “Easy” and “Professional” which can store keys both inside and outside the system.
  • Platform option to invest in professional funds or traders in maximally secure and transparent way.
  • Acceptance of fiat currencies (USD, EUR) as a way of payment.
  • Developed for all main platforms: PC, Mac, iOS, Android, VR.

The Tokenbox team has great experience in finance and IT sector so this project was a logical way for them in following the technological progress of blockchain. They decided to developed Tokenbox as crypto asset platform used for trading and tokenizing investment portfolios in the easy and secure way. The team was successfully developed and managed The Token Fund on which foundations the new idea of Tokenbox has risen. When we add a number of serious advisors to Tokenbox team then we got one really strong collective ready to become dominant in crypto investing market in next few years. I must say that there is a number of teams and projects competing for a part of this profitable and high growth market, but I would make this team one of the future leaders in this area. The only downside of Tokenbox project is that we will have to wait for 2018. to get it fully operational.

TBX Token:

Tokenbox is raising funds for their future development by organizing TGE — Token Generation Event (ICO) which starts in 18 days. They are planning to raise $20 million and except ETH and BTC as a way of payment. The price of the token during TGE will be 1TBX — 1$ and the number of tokens will be fixed after the end of the sale, but not more than 31 000 000 of TBX. Traders and fund managers will need to have TGE tokens for usage of TokenBox platform. So the more popular and used platform becomes the higher demand for TBX will be making them more valuable. On the Tokenbox roadmap, we can see that by the end of the year they are planning to list on some of the exchanges and continue with a development of platform through 2018.

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