21 is Too Soon

What if you knew your ticket would be punched at 21? What if you knew that you had 21 years to accomplish all that you wanted to accomplish? What if you knew that you would only have a limited amount of birthdays, father’s days, and mother’s day? What if the people you encountered within those 21 years, would forever be impacted by your smile, by your kindness, by your sense of humor, by your character, and by your grace. What if you had no idea how many people truly care about you and that when your ticket was punched, you still would never know.

Now….what if you had an extra day? What if you had an extra day to tell that person what they meant to you? What if you had an extra day to make an impact in someone’s life? Don’t miss the opportunity. If you are reading this, this might be your extra day. Tell someone you love them. Let someone know what they mean to you. Smile at someone and make their day.

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