10x last chance — 10 things a woman should enjoy during pregnancy — #10 Cinema night

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We made it — this is the last part of my feel-good-challenge. On my way through the months of pregnancy I defined 10 things to enjoy before the baby is here because soon there might not be time for it for a while. Doing all these things turned out to be a funny journey with nice tries, great experiences and sometimes the realization that some of these things are even hard to fit into your daily life NOW — like enjoying a good sleep which I feel like I haven’t ever since I’m pregnant. ;) Here are my “challenges” so far:

10x last chance — #1 Spontaneous Nonsense-Shopping

10x last chance — #2 Sleep late

10x last chance — #3 Be the kid

10x last chance — #4 Romantic Trip as a Twosome

10x last chance — #5 Enjoying a multi-course Dinner

10x last chance — #6 Spending Hours in the Bathroom

10x last chance — #7 Enjoying an all-white Outfit

10x last chance — #8 Making time for Beauty-Appointments

10x last chance — #9 Be happy about the Babybump

Only days apart from the “due date” I can complete the series with #10 — Cinema Night. Brave as we are we spent a night at the cinema in the estimated “last week” of my pregnancy — and realized you might be happier about it if you check this one off your list a little earlier. ;) Although it was again a really nice quality time evening, I had a few problems sitting in that chair for so long and not run to the toilette every five minutes.

The film was “Fack ju Göthe 2” by the way and we really enjoyed it (I had a good laugh!). But I have to admit at some laughers I wasn’t too sure if I could hold all the water inside and felt a little uncomfortable. ;) After a self-made “Currywurst” at home I completed my junkfood-day with some popcorn at the cinema. That of course stays one of the exceptions in an otherwise healthy pregnancy nutrition — but one you have to treat yourself with once in a while! The movie however really had me NOT thinking about birth, due dates and the likes for over 2 hours and that was true relaxation which was desperately needed! Here’s my movie outfit by the way — sometimes a girl just needs a statement shirt! ;)

So my tip for all pregnant cinema lovers is — take this last chance a little earlier (and then maybe a little more often) in your pregnancy, so you might enjoy it even more than I did! ;)

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