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Okay, you got me, movies are inspiring. To tell you the truth, I was feeling inspired to write by hand after watching films about writers. Yes, I’m talking about Vita & Virginia and Little Women here. So, thank you, writers, filmmakers, and creatives. We indeed like creating our art about ourselves because we like sharing our experience with the world around us.

Plus, something about those movies makes writing feel romantic.

There is a stark difference from how we write and consume writing in 2020 compared to yesteryear. Today, we are lucky enough to live with modern conveniences. …

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It’s getting dark and I’m straining my eyes against the light of my screen trying to make a decision. Should I publish this or leave it collecting cobwebs in my drafts for another two weeks. Why not forever?

Eventually, my inner voice tells me to publish.

It’s important to find a story that you can relate too. Or, at least, try to identify with. We all want to belong and being a member of the LGBT community can be lonely.

Maybe, this story can connect with someone and that alone makes allowing myself to be vulnerable worth it.

The year…

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You’ve heard about Duolingo, right? The app that helps you learn a language by spending time on it for a few minutes a day. Y’know, the app with the green owl that will never leave you alone. I’m sure you heard about it before and maybe you even tried it. Duolingo itself is a great learning tool.

For some background, this isn’t the first time I have tried learning a language. I’ve taken French classes in college and promptly learned 100 phrases in three months until I promptly forgot them once the semester was over. …

The craziest month for writers is here.

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It’s almost the end of November (crazy right?) and I bet you’ve heard the word NaNoWriMo. That means it’s National Novel Writing Month. The participants of NaNoWriMo attempt to write a 50,000 word novel in thirty days. To keep up with this challenge, writers have to write a minimum of 1,667 words a day. Does that sound absolutely crazy? Yeah, it kinda is.

Most participants during this time of the month are extremely stressed. It’s the last stretch, there is only a little over a week to finish and the holidays are fast approaching. How are you going to get…

Kris Alexandria

Blogger, fiction writer, and cat wrangler. I’m just trying to make this writing thing work.

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