Why your diet is not working!

So summer is fast approaching and you’ve decided to get your fitness in gear. You’ve bought the latest edition of mens health, restarted your pure gym membership, listened to your favourite motivational song (mines is kanye & Jay Z no church in the wild) and taken a few fitness selfies telling everyone your gona get fit!

However, the weight wont budge and the body isn’t changing…

EXCUSES; What is going on? Maybe it’s the exercises, maybe you need to do more cardio, maybe you need to more hiit or lift for more reps, or it must be your metabolism or genetics; problems with your body, maybe you are just not made to be lean or fit.

THE REAL REASON; your energy balance is not right and your not being consistent.. If I attached a go pro to your head for a week and counted everything that you ate would you still be in a deficit of you weekly caloric limits; maybe you met your calories Monday to Friday then Saturday you had a few beers and a cheat meal on Sunday, instead of hitting your 14000 calories a week (2000 cals a day) you’ve gone over to 17000 meaning you’ve averaged at 2600 calories a day! This is the reason I really dislike the diet for 5 days a week and eat what you want for two days attitude it can of course work for some but very challenging to measure and manage.

You are consuming too many calories

How can this be? You are living off of oat meal, protein shakes and chicken with rice!

If you want to drop the body fat (from any area of your body), improve tone and your definition. You will need to be in a negative energy balance. This means you are burning more calories than you are consuming.

A few years ago when I was newer to fitness, I swapped out my eat what I could grab to having a bowl of oats, a banana, a supper protein shake and a cup of coffee. Little did I know this was actually adding up to just under 1000 calories! Instead of getting fit, I got fatter!

The shake was about 1000 calories. With the oats , peanut butter and coconut oil, bananas, milk and yogurt in it. It would have been more suitable to a mass building plan than that for weight loss. With a few other changes, I was coming in at almost 700 calories over my limit each day of which I underestimated at the time, eat well= great results was my attitude! But eating too many healthy calories will still lead to being overweight.

The main problem with generic weight loss guides sold at high prices out there is getting fundamentally wrong is we are all different and have different demands and goals. Of course they may work initially if you have never exercised before and have lived the life of consume anything! But this will have a much slower progression than tailored plans, hit a limit and eventually you will struggle to loose weight without some fine tuning.

The Challenge: Calculate your calories and use my fitness pall for 2 weeks!

It’s actually really simple.. Theres a reason why there is a stereotype of the dumb body builder but are they really? They simply follow these rules!

1. Calculate your calories
2. Stick to these calories
3. Keep going

It really is as simple as these 3 steps. So remember when you are doubting your exercise plan, metabolism or body, think of having a go pro attached to your head!

These extra calories can easily creep in, somehow whenever I open an large packet of Dorritos, within an evening they are all gone! Or If I snack on Avocado and Nuts every day of the week, it equates to 3000 calories a week! A couple of handfuls for nuts can soon turn into 1000 calories and an Avocado is 250 calories.

I suggest you really investigate the foods you are putting in, no need to not eat healthy foods simply account for the calories with portion and quantity control!

These are a few caloric dense foods!

  • Nuts
  • Nut butter
  • Coconut oil
  • Avocado
  • Oils
  • Dried fruit
  • Dark chocolate

After 2 weeks to a month of calculating the macros of certain foods and meals using my fitness pall, you will start to roughly know the calories in you daily foods and wont need to calculate as often! Definitely a worth while investment of time !

If you want fast results and to progress faster, start doing this today!